SOLD!!! Jackson Collection / Estate - Day 2

  • Live On-Site Auction:
    Sat, Oct 1st 2005, 1:00 PM
  • 5101 Whitaker
    ChubbuckIdaho  83202
  • SOLD!!! HUGE SELECTION of RARE and UNUSUAL from PRIMITIVES TO FINE GLASSWARE! Catalogs posted. Thanks to all for a great auction! Attendees from several states bid on the treasures.

Items for Auction September 30th
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Western Collectibles & Glassware: Saturday's Auction

Fenton Cranberry Opalescent (Hand made Art Glass) Fenton Mary Gregory (Hand Painted Art Glass) Fenton Epergnes Butter Knives & Butter Dish Collection
Idaho Milk Bottles Colorado, Arizona, California Milk Bottles Paul Idaho Advertising Fans Native Americana
Belleek Parian China 16pc. Collection Belleek Porcelain References Royal Doulton Bunnykin & Winnie The Pooh Gift Sets Wedgwood Peter Rabbit & Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Gift Sets
Hall China Teapots Jadeite Kitchenware Decorative China Bone Dishes
Amethyst Sun Purple Glass Fostoria Coin Glass American Fostoria Carnival Glass
Niloak Pottery Hull pottery Weller & Van Briggle Pottery Singleton Bailey/Fenton Barnyard Limited Edition
Edison Cylinder Records Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine Singer Sewing Machine Attachments/Accessories Wurlitzer Speaker/Jukebox
Fenton & Northwood Carnival Vases Green Depression Fluorescent Ice Buckets Fostoria Heirloom Bon Bons Souvenir Custard Glass
Fluorescent Yellow Vaseline Glass Sewing Baskets Vintage Hat Stands Feather Hats
Fairy Lamps / Fenton Fenton poppy Vases Stamp Albums 1930s Sears Catalog Reprints 1897,1902,1908,1927 & Home Builders 1910
1956 & 1957 Pocatello Frontier Rodeo Programs Over View of Antiques, Collectables & Glassware Drug & Embalming Bottles Stove & Safe Banks
Green Depression Vaseline & Custard Glass (Blacklight) Apple Green Depression Glass Bowl ( Blacklight) Vintage Cookbooks (Extensive Collection this just a small Sample) Elegant Depression Glass
Hats Gloves & Accessories "Think NO Evil" Metal Sculptures  Cast Iron Forging Ladles Floor model Cream Separators
Over View of Antiques, Collectables & Glassware Over View of Antiques, Collectables & Glassware Over View of Antiques, Collectables & Glassware Over View of Antiques, Collectables & Glassware
Cart , 2 Large Cast Iron Kettles with Stands Dozens of Anvils Tools & Swage tools Saw Collection Including Indian Spring Idaho Hand Painted Scene Anvils
Swage Block w/ Cast Iron Stand Nylint, Tonka and Other Toys New Era Rope Machine Fire Hydrant Nozzles & Wrenches
Antique Auto Hub Caps & Radiator Caps (Whippet, Buick, Ford, Chevy) Hand Forged Tongs & Montana Beer Bottles Antique Tricycles  Military Memorabilia
Vintage Baseball Memorabilia Oyster Scoop Washboard Collection Men's Magizines
Hand Forged Oregon Trail Wagon Rough Locks (Brakes) Draft Horse Fly Nets & Hames Protectors Potato Baggers Stitching Horse/Saddle or Cobbler
Shoe Last Collection Antler Mounts Rodeo Gear Bull Rider Rig & Ropers Practice Wagon Wheels & Wagon Parts
B. Bros 1918 Rifle Scabbard & US Cavalry Holster Tapaderos & Headstall Custom Saddle Stand Thomas Saddle Stand
McClellan Army Saddles Youth Saddles (Possible Parter Texas 1938) Branding Collection Animal trophies
Harness & Horse Tack Moose Head A Sea of Saddles Veterinary Horse Teeth Cleaning Speculum
Jackson Forks Hay Trolleys Wagon Wheels & Hubs Pistol Horse Bits
Wagon Wheels & Wagon Parts Metal Implement Wheels Metal Implement Wheels Baskets of Agates
Idaho Geodes Wagon Wheels & Wagon Parts    

Additional Items for Auction:

To download  printable versions, click here: Friday Ring 1, Friday Ring 2, Saturday Ring 1, Saturday Ring 2.

Saturday Ring 1 (Bid Online Here!)

Saturday Ring 2

1001 Pair Of Yellowstone Park Ash Trays, 2 50'S Pocatello Frontier Rodeo Souvenir Programs, 50'S And 60'S Telephone Directories
1002 Fluorescent Fenton Hobnail Footed Vase, Compote, And White Hobnail Vase
1003 2 Beatrix Potter Figurines
1004 Green Depression Bowl, Plate, And Cake Plate
1005 Fluorescent Green Fenton Carnival Glass Pinwheel Vase And Fluorescent Fenton Carnival Glass Basket
1006 Fluorescent Green Depression 3 Footed Candy Dish With Metal Lid
1007 Art Deco Ice Tub
1008 Carnival Glass Fluted Vase And Carnival Glass Candy Dish
1009 Belleek Lace Bowl And Belleek Collectors Dish
1010 6 Milk Bottles "Deseret, Gibson Dairy, Misc."
1011 Box Of Red Comet Fire Extinguishers With Various Other Fire Extinguishers
1012 2 Fenton Pink Compote And Etched Ruby Flask Footed Vase
1013 2 Fenton Blue Crest Small Vases
1014 3 Amethyst Dishes
1015 Silver Plated Benedict Casserole Dish, Butter Dish, Butter Knife, Cream & Sugar
1016 Coin Glass Vase And Candy Bowl
1017 Imperial Slag Flowered 3 Legged Candy Dish
1018 Opalescent Fenton Candy Dish And Blue Compote
1019 Fenton Iridescent Poppy 12" Vase
1020 7" Cranberry Opalescent Dot Vase And Cranberry Fenton Glass Basket
1021 Hanging Spoon Sweetmeat Dish In Silver Plate Holder, 2 Silver Plated Bowls, 2 Stainless Steel Dishes, Reed Barton Silver Plated Sugar Dish And Tongs,
1022 Fenton Iridescent Pine Cone Bowl
1023 Iridescent Green Fostoria Heirloom Bonbon
1024 Etched Green Handled Sandwich Plate
1025 2 Fenton Ruby Basket And Compote
1026 Hull Pink Hand Vase
1027 Green Stove Bank And Cast Iron Star Safe Steel Bank
1028 Fenton Black Soap Dish And Heisey Milk Glass Hen
1029 Royal Doulton Bunnykins Bank
1030 Fenton Blue Opalescent Historical Collection Covered Compote
1031 Green Depression Etched Ice Bucket And Green Depression Glass Decanter
1032 Green Depression Glass Sun Flower Etched Cake Plate And Creamer
1033 Fenton Carnival Glass Tulip Vase
1034 10 Fostoria Goblets
1035 Hobnail Lamp Vase With 2 Amber Hobnail Shades
1036 Box Of Ethnic And General Cookbooks
1037 2 Boxes Of Regional Cookbooks
1038 Choice Of (3) Silver Plated Covered Butter Dishes With Butter Knives
1039 Box Of Advertising Food/Spice Cookbooks
1040 (2) International Junior Postage & Stamp Albums
1041 Box Of Appliance/Advertising Cookbooks
1042 Choice Of (3) Silver Plated Covered Butter Dishes With Butter Knives
1043 Celluloid Manicure Items And Dresser Set
1044 Celluloid Dresser Set
1045 Culinary Arts And Reprints Cookbooks
1046 5 Milk Bottles "Cottonwood Dairy, Cream Top Dairy, Smiths Dairy, McMinn, Misc"
1047 Silver Rimmed Punch Bowl Set
1048 Orange Carnival Glass Vase, Bowl, Plate, Cup, Auto Glass Vase
1049 Hull Planter, 2 Misc Planters
1050 7" Handled Ceramic Vase
1051 14" Fenton Fluted Vase
1052 Pair Of Van Briggle Candelabras
1053 Weller Flowered Vase
1054 7 1/2" W-6 Hull Art Flowered Handles Vase
1055 Hull Handled Vase And Head Vase
1056 Fenton Barnyard Platter Made For Singleton Bailey
1057 Celluloid Dresser Set
1058 Royal Doulton 3 Piece Children's Set-Winnie Pooh
1059 Green Depression Flower Frog, Bowl, And Plate
1060 Handled Sandwich Plate
1061 Milk Glass Spanish Laced Cake Stand
1062 Fostoria Serenity Bell And Fostoria Candy Dish
1063 8" Pearl Hand Decorated Vase And Hall's 6 Cup Butterfly Tea Pot
1064 6 Cup Hall Tea Pot And Halls Handled Cookie Jar
1065 Crystal Chandelier
1066 Custard Glass Child Punch Bowl Set
1067 Blue Opalescent Hobnail Salt & Pepper Shakers And Toothpick
1068 Green Depression Glass Measuring Cup And 2 Vases
1069 Souvenir Custard Glass 1908 Hand Painted Rose Cups
1070 Carnival Glass Girl Figurine
1071 6" Orange Fenton Glass Bowl And 2 Orange Fenton Glass Bud Vases
1072 Custard Glass Fairy Lamp And Spooner
1073 2 Orange Slag Compotes
1074 9" American Fostoria Relish Boat, Cream And Sugar
1075 Royal Doulton Bunnyskins 2 Handled Hug A Mug And Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Nursery 2 Handled Hug A Mug
1076 Fenton Lime Satin Candle Holder And Vase
1077 Fenton Lemon Satin Compote And Handled Dish
1078 Fenton Iridescent Lilac Vase
1079 2 Hall Tea Pots 1 With A Cozy
1080 Peter Rabbit ABC First Learning 3 Piece Child Dish Set
1081 Fenton Compote, Fenton Rose Poppy Bowl, 2 Fenton Bud Vases, And 1 Viking Bud Vase
1082 Heisey Ruby Mallard And HCA 1992 Conventional Paper Weight
1083 Mary Gregory Fenton Bell Hand Painted By Fredrick
1084 Mary Gregory Fenton Basket Hand Painted By Fredrick
1085 2 Fenton Hobnail Bud Vases, Strawberry Patterned Creamer, And Sugar Bowl
1086 Fenton 10 1/2" Alley Cat
1087 Fenton Amethyst Compote And Salem Blue Vase Aurora
1088 9" Fenton Rose Vase And 7 1/2" Fenton Dusty Rose Vase
1089 8" Fenton Vase
1090 Carnival Berry Set
1091 6" Carnival Iridescent Vase
1092 Fenton Carnival Hen Covered Candy Dish
1093 Fenton Sea Mist Green Opalescent Covered Candy Dish
1094 Blue Opalescent Fenton Covered Candy Dish
1095 2 Green Milk Glass Fan Shaped Vases
1096 Green Depression Etched Ice Bucket
1097 Green Iridescent Fenton Dealer Plaque
1098 Hand Painted By N. Gribble 6"
1099 Silver Rose Fenton Handle Vase
1100 Fostoria Heirloom 11" Vase And Opalescent Fostoria Bon Bon Dish
1101 Choice Of (8) Hats
1102 Choice Of (21) Hats
1103 Choice Of (14) Hats
1104 Hat Boxes And Contents
1105 (5) Hat Stands
1106 23" X 26" Framed Charcoal Picture Of Elegant Lady
1107 Choice Of 2 Clothes Forms
1108 3 Over Night Cases, Gloves, Hat Pins, Misc
1109 Linens And Vanity Reference Books
1110 1940'S Leather Top Coffee Table
1111 1940'S Leather Top Coffee End Table
1112 1940'S Leather Top 2 Tier End Table
1113 Ornate 20'S Walnut Radio Cabinet
1114 Walnut Rocking Chair
1115 Hobnail Fenton Candle Holder & Hobnail Compote
1116 Fenton Hand Painted Clear Vase
1117 Fenton Iridescent Poppy Pink Vase 12"
1118 Fenton Mary Gregory Hand Painted Bell
1119 Fenton Mary Gregory Hand Painted Plate 9"
1120 Fenton Mary Gregory Hand Painted Bell W/ Box
1121 Fenton Persian Medallion Aqua Crest Compote
1122 Fenton Hand Painted Rosalene Duck Figurine And Fenton Hand Painted Bulldog, Convention Souvenir
1123 Fenton Opalescent Jack-In-Pulpit Vase
1124 1991 NFGS Signed Fenton Embossed Peacock
1125 Green Depression Etched Ice Bucket Fluorescent
1126 4 Vintage Carnival Glass Fruit Bowls
1127 2 Fenton Footed Blue Satin Compote
1128 Fenton Opalescent Hobnail Caramel Vase And Fenton Caramel-Crest Footed Vase
1129 2 Fostoria Coin Glass Candleholders
1130 Fenton 6" Plum Melon Vase
1131 Fenton 6" Plum Basket
1132 Signed Northwood Nutmeg Custard Bowl And 7" Custard Plate
1133 Fenton Blue Satin Bowl And Basket
1134 Fenton Lemon Satin Basket And Footed Orange Tree Rose Bowl
1135 2 Vintage Custard Glass
1136 8" Fenton Spanish Lace Silvercrest Vase
1137 2 Fenton Baskets (Blue Opalescent Basket Weave And Pink Grape)
1138 Fenton Pinkcrest Bowl And Silvercrest Vase
1139 Fenton Lime Satin Vase And 8" Lime Satin Persian Medallion Basket
1140 Fenton Hand painted 10" Milk Glass Vase
1141 Belleek Parian 9" Kylemore Bowl With Original Box (Green Mark)
1142 Victorian Custard Glass Souvenir Dish, Toothpick, And 6" Hand painted Vase
1143 Iridescent 12" Fenton Poppy Vase (Light Green)
1144 Belleek Parian Collectors' Society Pedestal Bowl With Original Box
1145 Small Belleek Collectors' Society Trinket Box
1146 2 Fenton 5" Cased Glass Vases (Red And Yellow Satin)
1147 Belleek Serenity Cup/Saucer/Side Plate
1148 9" Belleek Shamrock Vase
1149 5.5" Belleek Collectors' Society Embossed Duck Vase
1150 Fenton Hobnail Cased Yellow Satin Vase/Fenton Cased Yellow Vase
1151 9" Iridescent Fenton Barnyard Bowl (Limited Production For Singleton Bailey)
1152 Belleek Collectors' Society Swan Vase
1153 8" Belleek Shell Vase With Original Box
1154 Fenton Hobnail Hand painted Forget-Me-Not Fairy Lamp/4" Dish
1155 7.5" Belleek Shamrock Vase
1156 Lenox Belleek 8" Wheat Vase
1157 2 Belleek Reference Books (Gaston And Langham, Authors)
1158 6" Footed Weller Rose Bowl
1159 Weller Handled Bowl
1160 Hall Art Deco Teapot Stylized Flower Decoration
1161 Green Hall Teapot With Gold Decoration
1162 7" Hall Bowl/Hall China Reference Book (Whitmyer, Author)
1163 Vintage 24" Electric Table Lamp
1164 4 1924 Advertising Fans From Hall's Confectionery (Paul, Idaho)
1165 Belleek Teapot Floral Design (Blue Mark)
1166 6" Hull Vase
1167 10" Belleek Paros Vase With Original Box
1168 Van Briggle Butterfly Lamp, 38" (Original Shade; Regluing Of Lamp Rim Needed)
1169 Hull Twin Duck Planter
1170 Hull Green Duck Planter
1171 5.5" Niloak Vase
1172 Niloak Hanging Basket
1173 6" Niloak Vase
1174 Belleek Kylemore Planter With Original Box
1175 Royal Doulton Bunnykins 3-Piece Gift Set
1176 Royal Doulton Bunnykins Nursery Set (Plate And Spoon)
1177 2 Roseville Pottery Reference Books (Huxford/First And Second Series)
1178 American Fostoria Amethyst Handled Nappy And 4 Sherbets
1179 American Fostoria 8.5" Handled Basket
1180 Pair Of American Fostoria Vases (Amethyst-Sun Purple)
1181 American Fostoria Double Candle Holder
1182 American Fostoria 8" Vase
1183 American Fostoria 7.5" Square-Footed Vase
1184 American Fostoria 12" Divided Relish
1185 American Fostoria Covered Candy
1186 10.5" Fenton Plum Jack-In-Pulpit Vase With Small Hand-Blown J-I-P
1187 10 4.5" American Fostoria Wine Glasses Cordials
1188 American Fostoria 10" Cake Stand With Brandy Well
1189 10.5" Plum Iridescent Barnyard Platter Made For Fenton By Singleton Bailey
1190 Royal Doulton Bunnykins 3-Piece Gift Set
1191 Royal Doulton Bunnykins Nursery Set (Plate And Spoon)
1192 Footed Punch Bowl Set (Glass Ladle With 12 Cups)
1193 3 Vintage Sewing Baskets
1194 Vintage Handled Sewing Basket
1195 Basket With 3 Large Hand-Blown Eggs
1196 Singer Sewing Machine 4-Drawer Treadle With Accessories
1197 Ornate Oak New Home Treadle Sewing Machine
1198 Singer Portable Featherweight Sewing Machine
1199 Box Of Singer Sewing Machine Accessories (Zigzagger, Zig Zag Stitch Patterns, Hemstitcher, Buttonholer, And Light)
1200 16" Hammered Copper Pot With Cast Iron Handles
1201 2 Fenton Figurines (Fish, Duck, And Mini Basket)
1202 Fenton Red Carnival Basket
1203 9" Northwood Carnival Ribbed Vase
1204 Vintage Green 10" Carnival Vase
1205 6" Fenton Carnival Hobnail Hand Vase
1206 Fenton Iridescent 9" Plum Barnyard Bowl Made For Singleton Bailey
1207 Fenton Iridescent 12" Sea Mist Green Poppy Vase
1208 Fenton Pink Covered Candy Or Tobacco
1209 Fenton Cranberry Opalescent Square Drape Bowl
1210 Fenton Cranberry Opalescent 6" Basket
1211 Fenton Cranberry Covered Candy Or Powder Box
1212 Fenton Rosaline Satin Square Bowl And Cake Platter
1213 Fenton Ruby 2-Piece Fairy Lamp
1214 Vintage Green Footed Carnival Compote And Stippled Ray Bowl
1215 Vintage Footed Carnival Compote And Footed Star Bowl
1216 Fenton Carnival Plum Basket And Footed Cobalt Butterfly And Berry Bowl
1217 Fenton 9" Black Carnival Heart And Vine Plate
1218 Vintage Carnival 10" Diamond Bowl And 13" Platter
1219 Vintage Vaseline Glass Divided Relish With Metal Handled Frame
1220 36" X 62" Confederate Flag (With Metal Grommets)
1221 Fostoria Amber Coin Glass And Avocado Ashtray
1222 Fenton Footed Hobnail Forget-Me-Not Compote And Silver Crest Vase
1223 Fenton Silvercrest Handled Lilac Bon Bon And Ruffled Bowl
1224 Fenton Rose Magnolia 10" Fruit Bowl
1225 Fenton Hobnail Basket, Amber Hobnail Vase, And Hobnail Amberina Vase
1226 Fenton Footed Compote And Hand-Painted Basket
1227 Fostoria Blue Heirloom Bowl
1228 Fenton Footed Pink Iridescent Creamer And Green Opalescent Button And Arches Cream Pitcher
1229 Fenton Lemon Satin Persian Medallion Footed Compote And Candle Holder
1230 Fenton Footed Amberina Compote And 7" Bowl
1231 Wedgwood Peter Rabbit 3-Piece Gift Set With Original Box
1232 Fenton Footed Pink Opalescent Hobnail Banana Boat
1233 4 Antique Bottles (Embalming Fluid, Yacht Club, Syrup Of Figs, Cobalt Wyeth With Dose Cup)
1234 4 Vaseline Fluorescent Items (Vases, Toothpick, And Pitcher)
1235 4 Vaseline Fluorescent Misc. Items (Bowls, Perfume (As Is))
1236 Fluorescent Vaseline Toothpick, Etched Glass, Hand Painted Toothpick And Fairy Lamp
1237 Fenton Green Satin Stretch Basket And Rose Bowl
1238 Fenton Rosalene Basket
1239 Fenton Country Cranberry Melon Vase And Pink Cased Silvercrest Vase
1240 Fenton 7" Country Cranberry Pitcher
1241 Fenton Cranberry Opalescent Optic Basket
1242 Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass Banana Boat
1243 Fenton Lime Satin Persian Medallion Bowl And Footed Vase
1244 Fenton Opalescent Vaseline 6.5" Atlantis Vase
1245 Green Etched Depression 11" Rolled Edge Centerpiece
1246 Green Vaseline Fluorescent Vase With Metal Base (Detachable)
1247 Fenton Lime Satin Persian Medallion Compote And Footed 6.5" Bowl
1248 Elegant Green Depression Fluorescent Footed Bowl
1249 Fenton Opalescent 9" Barnyard Bowl Made For Singleton Bailey
1250 4 Pieces Of Vintage Vaseline (Square Bowl, EAPG Bon Bon, Hand painted Bowl, And Footed Bowl)
1251 Green Vaseline Depression 10.5" Footed Bowl
1252 Green 11" Vaseline Depression Bowl (Mayfair Open Rose) Fluorescent
1253 Etched Green Depression Handled Ice Bucket
1254 Green Depression Divided Relish And Footed Compote
1255 3 11" Green Depression Plates
1256 Fluorescent Opalescent J-I-P Vase And Fenton Opalescent Cuspidor
1257 Fenton Opalescent Fern Pitcher With Blue Crest
1258 Yellow Depression Divided Plate And Green Depression 9" Bowl
1259 2 Fluorescent Green Depression Bowls
1260 Green Depression Handled Bon Bon And Footed Compote With Gold Edging
1261 3 Victorian Souvenir Custard Toothpicks And Footed Bowl
1262 Heavy Green Depression Kold-Or-Hot Bowl And 7" Green Salad Bowl
1263 2 Vaseline Divided Dishes, Footed Compote, And Extra Lid
1264 Green Depression Divided Bon Bon And 2 Sierra 8.5" Pinwheel Plates
1265 Footed Green Depression Cake Plate And Two-Handled Sandwich Platter
1266 Fenton Footed Blue Satin Bowl And 10" Cherries Bowl
1267 Fenton 15" Blue Satin Flower Vase
1268 Fenton 8" Overlay Daffodil Vase
1269 Fenton Hand painted 8" Vase
1270 Fenton Sapphire Blue Basket And Footed Compote
1271 Fenton Sapphire Blue Footed Candleholder And Footed Compote
1272 Fenton Opalescent Sapphire Blue Regency Vase And Daisy And Fern Tumbler
1273 Fenton Opalescent Coin Dot 6" Vase And Silvercrest Dish
1274 Fenton Ruby Rose Basket And Ruby Hobnail Vase
1275 Fenton Overlay And Sapphire Blue Wheat Vases (2)
1276 Fenton Ruby Basket And Trinket Box With Embossed Roses
1277 Fenton Opalescent Coin Dot Vase And Footed White Crest Compote
1278 Fenton Opalescent Blue Basket, Blue Bowl, And Kanawha Hobnail Basket
1279 2 Wood Vintage Electric Alarm Clocks (GE And Telechron)
1280 Fenton Honey Amber Coin Dot Electrified Hanging Lamp (Needs New Plug)
1281 Vintage Wurlitzer Jukebox Speaker
1282 Dark Wood 1940'S Phonograph Cabinet With Scott Stereo System Added (Record Cabinet In Base) 35 X 36 X 18"
1283 Approx. 30 Edison Cylinder Records
1284 11" Native American Basket (Light Stain On Bottom)
1285 Vintage Native American Papoose Doll (Crack Across Head) And Mayan Red Clay Pedestal
1286 2 Eskimo Soapstone Carvings (Duck And Eskimo)
1287 4.75" Red Clay Santa Clara, New Mexico Pueblo Pot
1288 5 Sears Roebuck Catalog Reprints (1897, 1902, 1908, 1927, And Homebuilders 1910)
1289 Vintage Egg Crate
1290 Fenton Amber Basket, Ambercrest Saucer, And Ambercrest 7" Bowl
1291 Fenton Amber Hobnail Candleholder And Fairy Lamp
1292 Fenton Carnival Puritan Compote
1293 Vintage Carnival Bowl And Handled Bon Bon
1294 Vintage Carnival Rose Bowl And 9" Bowl
1295 Fenton Carnival Button And Arches Basket
1296 Fenton Carnival Footed Cuspidor
1297 Vintage Carnival Handled Bon Bon And Footed Bowl
1298 Fenton Carnival Persian Medallion Cuspidor
1299 Vintage Pair Of Carnival Bowls
1300 Vintage Carnival Vase And Basketweave Bowl
1301 Fenton 9" Carnival Embossed Fruit Pitcher
1302 Fenton Footed Cobalt Butterfly And Berry Bowl And Red Carnival Melon Vase
1303 Fenton Dark Amber 11" Ribbed Vase
1304 Fenton Black Carnival 11" Flared Top Vase
1305 Vintage Cobalt Carnival Footed Grape And Leaf Bowl
1306 Vintage Two-Piece Imperial Marigold Compote
1307 Fenton Footed 7" Sea Mist Green Opalescent Compote
1308 Fenton 8" Opalescent Sea Mist Green Berry Bowl
1309 Fenton Country Cranberry 10" Vase
1310 Fenton Cranberry Opalescent 11" Spiral Optic Vase
1311 Fenton Cranberry Opalescent 10" Quilted Bowl
1312 Fenton Handpainted 9" Cranberry Mary Gregory Vase
1313 Fenton 10.5" Cranberry Opalescent Daisy And Fern Pitcher
1314 Vintage Blue Carnival Orange Tree 9" Bowl
1315 Vintage Fenton 11" Carnival Stag And Holly 3 Footed Bowl
1316 Fenton Sea Mist Green Opalescent Hobnail Epergne (4 Pieces)
1317 Fostoria 16" Heirloom Bowl
1318 Fenton 5 Piece Iridescent Blue Stretch Glass Epergne
1319 EAPG Amethyst Bowl And 4 Amethyst Fruit Bowls
1320 EAPG Amethyst Footed Compote And Heisey Punch Bowl Base
1321 Fostoria Handled Coin Glass Nappy And Amethyst Coin Ashtray
1322 EAPG Covered Two-Handled Sugar Bowl
1323 2 Vintage Fostoria Vases
1324 Vintage Amethyst Divided 10" Relish Tray
1325 2 Heavy Glass Ashtrays And Hand-Blown Easter Greeting Egg
1326 Complete Set Fire King Nesting Mixing Bowls (4) And Matching Covered Grease Jar
1327 2 McKee Covered Jadeite Refrigerator Dishes
1328 Green Depression Ice Bucket With Spout And Green Depression Ribbed Bowl
1329 Lemon Custard Mixing Bowl And Round Covered Custard Refrigerator Dish
1330 Elegant Etched 12" Green Depression Centerpiece
1331 Green Depression 8" Water Or Lemonade Pitcher
1332 McKee 8" Jadeite Salad Bowl
1333 Green Jadeite Mixing Bowl With Spout And Salt/Pepper Shakers
1334 Fostoria Amethyst Coin Glass Footed Compote And 8" Amethyst EAPG Compote

1501 Sleigh Bells, Livestock Bells On Leather Strap, With Reprint: Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds
1502 Box: Cast Iron Nail Holder And Rake, 4 Copper Headed Automotive Hammers
1503 Box: Lead Melting Iron, Little Giant Rivet Machine, 2 Wire Splicing Vices, Papco Flaring Tool, Large Adjustable Clap
1504 Box: 4 Barn Building References, 1 Volume Library Reference, Reese'S Brass Stencil Set
1505 Box: 2 Keen Kutter References, Stanley Gage, Keen Kutter Pliers, Keen Kutter Tin Snips, Keen Kutter Oak Knife Box, Keen Kutter Ax Head, Stanley # 78 Duplex Plane
1506 Box: 2 Ship Builders Wood Mallets, Antique Copper Soldering Iron, 4 Ball Pein Hammers, Stanley Rasp, #75 A Rasp
1507 Box Of Tool And Railroad References: Baker'S Railroad Collectables, I.C.S. Railroad 1906 Locomotive Reference, 2 Volumes Audel Steam Fitters References, 3 History Of Tool Books, Encyclopedia Of Trades And Industry, Misc. Tool Magazines
1508 Wire Egg Basket With Contents: Cast Iron Light Cover, Deet And Mansur Cast Iron Lid, 3 Cast Iron Seats Or Tool Containers, 5 Cast Iron Handles
1509 Box: 5 Cast Iron And Wood Handled Antique Adjustable Wrenches
1510 Stanley #271 Router Plain In Org. Box
1511 Stanley Level And Square, Stanley #420 Electric Soldering Iron In Org. Box
1512 Wood Dove-Tailed Atlas Powder Box, Seminole Liniment Sign, 1897 Shoe Stretching Tool, Castrating Tool W/Box
1513 Ammo Box W/ 9 Antique Wood And Brass Wood Carving Gouges (Dodge Etc.)
1514 2 Boxes Of Leather Scraps And Samples, Leather Patterns, Buckles, Leather Working Manual And Magazines, Leather Catalogs, Silver Smith Catalogs (Bridles And Bits)
1515 3 Drawknives (19 In., 17 In, 11 In,)
1516 Stanley #358 Mitre Box
1517 21 '' U.S. Antique Knife, Garza 25" Sword With Horn Handle
1518 Choice Of 4 Knives/Bayonet (Bowie, U.S.)
1519 Choice Of 9 Knives And Colt Pistol Grips
1520 2 Books: Step-By-Step Knife Making: You Can Do It, How To Carve Folk Figures And A Cigar-Store Indian
1521 12 Montana Frontier Town Beer Bottles, 1 Kessler Montana Beer Bottle, 1 Whiskey Bottle (All With Good Original Paper Labels)
1522 5 Primitives: 2 One Leg Milking Stools, Salt Box, Woods Company Box, Cast Iron Pioneer Calf Waterier
1523 Collection Of Vintage Roller Skates And Ice Skates
1524 2 Antique Grass Seeders
1525 3 Tonka Metal Construction Toys
1526 2 Tonka Metal Fire Trucks
1527 Nylint Metal Toy Crane
1528 Tonka Toy Construction Crane
1529 Jumbo Nylint Michigan Shovel Toy
1530 2 Boxes Of Antique Shoe Lasts (Misc, Companies And Sizes)
1531 Box: Wagon Nuts, 3 Wagon Wrenches, Chains On Post, 2 Hanson Milk Scales
1532 Antique Fruit Press, Cast Iron Scalding Kettle
1533 5 Vintage Fly Sprayers
1534 4 Newhouse Animal Traps (#4,#3, #1.5, #1.5)
1535 4 #3 Newhouse Animal Traps, 3 Easy-Set Animal Traps
1536 3 Mel Jackson Original Shovel Birds
1537 Mel Jackson Original Road Runner Sculpture
1538 Mel Jackson Original Sculpture Plow Bird
1539 Mel Jackson Original Sculpture Shovel Donkey
1540 Mel Jackson Original Metal Sculptures: 2 Bird, 1 Stone
1541 2 Vintage Cyclone Grass Seeders
1542 2 Antique Platform Scales W/ Extra Brass Fairbanks Balance Beam
1543 Iron Platform Scale, 2 Steelyard Scales W/ Extra Weights
1544 Wood And Iron Platform Scale, Large Brass Balance Beam, 4 Toledo And Richardson Scale Weights
1545 2 Platform Scales W/ 2 Extra Brass Balance Beams
1546 4 Vintage Wheel Barrows
1547 Tall 5 Shelf Metal Cabinet
1548 Pallet: Wagon Wheel And Jackson Fork Décor Items
1549 Pallet: Wagon Wheel And Plant Hanger Décor Items
1550 Pallet: Antique Buggie Wheel Rims And Hubs
1551 Pallet: Wagon Wheel Décor Items
1552 20 Brass Ball Woods And Metal Hames
1553 2 Wheeled Flower Cart
1554 Interprise Meat Chopper, Bucket W/ Contents: Cast Iron Rake, Cow Tags, Nose Basket, 2 Hand Scythe, Calf Weiner, Hobbles
1555 Antique Tins: Union Leader Lunch Box, Wood Plug Tobacco Box, Raleigh'S Save, Crosman Pellets, Schiwnn Repair Kit, Snuff, 4 Beer Labels, Dial Tobacco Tin, Velvet Tobacco Tin, 2 Prince Albert Tins
1556 Choice Of 6 Replacement Cultivator Handles
1557 Wire 2 Handled Egg Basket W/ Contents: Brass Landers Scale, Hanson Dairy Scale, Raison Seeder, 1859 Cast Iron Sausage Stuffer
1558 3 Bundles Antique Blacksmith Long Handled Tongs
1559 Fordson And International Harvester Tractor Tool Boxes, 2 Wagon Wrenches, Fordson And Ih Wrenches, Mccormick Wrench
1560 Antique New-Era Rope Machine (1 Hook Has Been Re-Soldered)
1561 Two Wheel Twine Holder, 2 Rope Making Tools, Roll Of Twine
1562 2 Boxes: Cast Iron Equip. Plaque, Antique Starrett Tachometer, 2 Soldering Irons, Copper Tubing Seizer, Turnbuckle, Brass Six Inch Rule, Wood Level, Stanley #856 Folding Ruler, Eclipse Grinder, Black Grinder, Keen Kutter Iron Square, Antique Brass Defries Safety Lamp Base, Brass Auto Squeeze Horn, Antique Electric Lamp Parts, Iron And Brass Misc. Hardware Parts
1563 Farrier'S Or Cobbler'S Wood Tool Box W/ Contents: Curry Comb, V & B Nippers, Horse Shoeing Nails, Apron, 3 Hammers, 2 Large Hasps, 7 Misc. Hoof Knives, 2 Nail Trimmers, 2 Nail Pullers
1564 Huge Lot Of Antique Buggie Wrenches, Case Cast Iron Tractor Hub
1565 Antique Broad Ax Head, Spoke Pointer, 3 Barrel Shaves, 2 Knives W/ Wood Handles, 6 Draw Knives (Some W/O Handles)
1566 Huge Lot Of Cow Kickers, 5 Brass Pins, 6 Brass Cow Tags
1567 Farrier'S Tool Box W/ Contents: Imperial Hasp, Leather Shoe Stretcher, 2 Leather Punches, 9 Misc, Hoof Knives, 5 Leather Awls, Heller Nippers, Channel Lock Nippers
1568 Wire Gym Basket W/ 7 Brass Hames, Calf Bucket, Nose Basket, Hog Scraper, Calf Wiener, Hobbles, Wire Muzzle
1569 Gold Medal Dinomite Box W/ Contents: 3 Sheep Crooks, 15 Iron Cow Bells
1570 Wire Potato Basket W/ Contents: Barn Lantern Frame, Bull Iron Horn Weights, Nose Basket, Potato Belt, Chain, Wrench, Dinner Triangle, Shed Handle, Bull Blinders
1571 2 Wood Stave Barrels, Wood Stapled Barrel, 4 Oak Ornamental Pieces, One-Legged Milk Stool, Wood Nail Carrier
1572 Dove Tailed Antiborax Box W/ Contents, Approx. 70Lbs. Of Grinding Grit
1573 Choice Of 28 Coleman And Barn Lanterns Hanging On The West Side Of Shed
1574 2 Wood And Iron Auger Or Planters, Long Handled Corn Planter, Long Handled Iron And Wood Auger
1575 Wire Potato Basket W/Contents: Beer Can Reference, 2 Bottle References, Emerald Oil Bottle, 2 Miniature Lamps, Pocatello Ricks Drug Iodine Bottle, Milk Bottles, Whiskey Bottles, Scott'S Cod Liver Oil Bottle, Pepsin Bottle, Pinex Bottle, 3 Rawliegh Bottles, Misc. Perfume Bottles
1576 Basket Of Idaho License Plates 20'S, 30S, 40S
1577 Basket Early Montana & Western License Plates
1578 Box Idaho License Plates All 1950S
1579 Box Of Iowa 1940S License Plates & 1960S & Resent Plates
1580 Montgomery Ward'S Cream Separator
1581 De Alval Cream Can & Salt Lake City Creamery Can, Water Can, Separator Cans, & Galvanized Water Dispenser
1582 Mower Sharpener, 5 Extra Grinding Wheels , Cultivator Part, Nose Basket, Muzzle, Calf Nurser, Hobbles, & Calf Feeder Bucket
1583 Montgomery Wards Cream Separator
1584 2 Watering Cans, Galvanized Funnel, De Laval Cream Can, Idaho Farmer Stockman Sign
1585 Unusual Blow Torch
1586 2 Covered Cream Cans, Cream Pail, Watering Can & 2 Garden Racks
1587 3 Blow Torches: Link Gasoline, Brass , Nickel,
1588 Large Basket W/ Misc. Farm And Tool Primitives (Cleaver, Saws, Squares, #4 B.I.G. Cast Iron Lid, Blow Torch, Hammers, Wheel Traveler)
1589 Water Canteen, 2 Beehive Smokers, 2 Bee Or Mosquito Nets, 1 Cloth Hood
1590 Wood Box W/Contents: Brush, Brass Grease Guns Or Dusters, Lantern Funnel, Ax Head, 2 Oil Can Spouts, 6 Oil Cans
1591 3 Bundles Of Blacksmith Tongs And Nippers
1592 Ditz Barn Lantern (Large Wizard), Galvanized Oil Can, 2 Small Kerosene Cans
1593 Farm Primitives: Hay Knife, Empire Corn Planter, Long Handled Hay Knife, 2 Beet Knives, Pair Of Hay Hooks, Sheep Shears, Corn Husker, 2 Garden Scythes, Bucket
1594 Master Craft Barn Lantern, Large Galvanized Oil Can, Funnel, 2 Large Kerosene Cans (Union Pacific)
1595 Farm Primitives: Corn Planter W/ Edgewood Tobacco Box, Long Handled Hay Knife, 2 Handled Hay Knife, Bucket, Sheffield Sheers, 2 Hay Hooks, 2 Beet Knives, 2 Garden Scythes, Corn Husker
1596 Meco Saw Horse, Clayton Mark Well Point
1597 Farm Primitives: Little Giant Plant Setter, 2 Handled Hay Knife, Long Handled Hay Knife, Bucket, Pulley, 2 Hay Hooks, Sheep Sheers, 2 Hay Knives, 2 Garden Scythe, Corn Husker, Bucket
1598 2 Wagon Jacks, Shaffer Come-Along, H & D Dehorner Tool
1599 Box Of 5 Replacement Ax Handles
1600 Display Board W/ 8 Ax Heads
1601 Box W/ 11 Replacement Pick Handles
1602 Coal Bucket W/ Antique Barbed Wire Collection
1603 Choice Of 5 Pitch Forks
1604 Milk Can On Base, 2 Cast Iron Forks, Short Shovel, Pruning Saw, Large Pitch Fork
1605 Milk Can On Base, Folding Shovel, Red Potato Fork, Large Pitch Fork, 3 Misc. Shovels
1606 Choice Of 8 Tongs
1607 Large Group Of Iron Crow Bars And Tamping Bars
1608 Red Potato Fork, 2 Posthole Diggers, Loggers Peavey, 2 Shovels, Broom, 3 Surveyor Rods
1609 Planet Jr Cultivator, Potato Fork
1610 Antique Cultivator, Broom, Shovel, Pair Of Replacement Handles, Mattock, Long Handle Scythe, Rake, Pick
1611 Long Handle Sheep Crook, Cast Iron Grabbing Device, Potato Basket, Potato Belt, Garden Scythe, Sheep Sheers, Shed Door Handle, 4 Poultry Crooks
1612 Antique Oyster Scoop, Adz, Pick, Auger, Potato Basket, Pulley, Potato Belt, Buggy Step, Potato Belt
1613 Pair Of Replacement Handles, Logger Cant Hook, Adz, Potato Basket, Potato Belt, Broad Blade Hay Knife, Traveler Measuring Wheel, 2 Calf Wieners, Extra Handles
1614 12 Cultivator Replacement Handles
1615 2 Wheeled Cart With Misc. Pump Parts
1616 2 Antique Tricycles
1617 Cast Iron Kettle On Stand, Cast Iron Scalding Kettle, 3 Misc. Pots
1618 Small 2 Wheel Flower Cart
1619 Mccormick-Deering Cream Separator W/ Extra Pans
1620 Stainless Steel Milk Can On Metal Stand, Watering Can W/ 2 Garden Rakes
1621 Ward'S Cream Separator W/ Extra Pans
1622 3 Butchering Meat Hooks On Center Post
1623 2 Surveyor'S Tripods, Large Steel Surveyor'S Measuring Tape
1624 Bostrum Surveyor'S Transit (W/Dove Tailed Wood Case)
1625 Farm Primitives: Potato Basket, 5 Tractor Seats, Potato Planter, Auger, Potato Belt, Hay Knife
1626 Potato Bagger, Utah Sugar Sack
1627 Farm Primitives: Potato Basket, Auger, Corn Planter, Fence Tool, Horseshoe Puzzle, Sheep Sheers, 5 Tractor Seats (Embossed Parlin And Orendorf)
1628 Trap Reference Book, Mole Traps, Drying Boards, Victor Traps
1629 Farm Primitives: 5 Tractor Seats, Potato Basket, Cultivator Tines, Never Fail Corn Sheller, Copper Soldering Iron, Potato Belt, Pair Of Hay Hooks
1630 3 Kerosene Lantern Bases
1631 2 Oil Cans
1632 Galvanized Griswold Fruit And Lard Press
1633 Farm Primitives: Wire Egg Basket, Pair Of Hay Hooks, Potato Fork, Post Hole Tool, Shovel, Mower Sharpener, Pulley
1634 1903 Cast Iron Centrifuge, Antique Corn Grinder
1635 Farm Primitives: Wire Egg Basket, Barn Lantern Frame, Hay Hooks, Kerosene Can, Brass Hanging Scale, Hanson Dairy Scale
1636 Universal 8 Quart Landers, Frary, And Clark Sausage Stuffer
1637 Cast Iron Wilson Corn Grinder,
1638 Antique Meat Cleaver And Red Chief Cast Iron Corn Sheller
1639 Farm Primitives: 5 Tractor Seats, Potato Basket, Potato Belt, Copper Soldering Iron, Hay Hooks, Scythe, Cast Iron Little Giant Corn Sheller
1640 Cast Iron Horatius Corn Sheller, Mower Sharpener
1641 Farm Primitives: 5 Tractor Seats, Potato Basket, Potato Belt, Copper Soldering Iron, Wagon Wrench, Scythe, Little Giant Corn Sheller, Hay Hooks
1642 Large Meat Cleaver, 1859 Patent Cast Iron Sausage Stuffer
1643 Bucket Of Vintage Hand Tools: Lufkin 24" Steel Rule, Wood And Cast Iron Antique Brace, Wood And Brass Square, 2 Folding Rules, Iron Lettering Set, Plumb Hammer, 2 Iron Plumb Bobs, Wood And Brass Gauge (As Is), Steel German Folding Rule, Disston Bevel Tool, Beckers Advertising Handle (As Is), Chisel, 3 Misc. Bevel Tools, Cast Iron Draw Gauge Handle (Blade Missing)
1644 Hanging Chains And Blue Saw
1645 2 Wheeled Flower Cart
1646 Contents Of The First Stall On East Side: Toys And Toy Parts
1647 Entire Contents Of Buckets On The East Side Of Barn
1648 Vintage Navajo Rug (As Is)
1649 Wood Post Office Boxes
1650 3 Polished Brass Hames
1651 Us Post Office Boxes And Us Postal Scale
1652 Entire Contents Of Stall #3 On East Side Of Barn: Military
1653 Canvas Panniers And Milk Can Stand
1654 Wood And Iron Pack Saddle With Pack Reference Book
1655 4 Wood And Iron Pack Saddle Frames And Packing Reference Book (Milk Can Stands And Saddle Blankets Included)
1656 Moose Head Taxidermy Mount (As Is)
1657 Goat Taxidermy Mount
1658 Top Antelope Taxidermy Mount
1659 Lower Antelope Taxidermy Mount
1660 Antlers And Horns On North West Wall
1661 Elk Antlers
1662 Deer Taxidermy Mount
1663 Elk Taxidermy Mount
1664 Moose Antler Mount
1665 7 Remaining Antlers On The South West Barn Wall
1666 3 Vintage Bootjacks
1667 Simplot Horse Blanket, Bull Whip, 5 Buggy Whips, 1 Bull Whip Popper
1668 Children'S Western Saddle, Stand And Blanket Incl.
1669 Antique Saddle Makers Stitching Horse
1670 Antique Saddle Makers Stitching Horse W/ Turned Legs
1671 Devisser Herfords Sign
1672 Tooled Leather Children'S Saddle (As Is) Stand Incl.
1673 Us Mcclellan Army Saddle
1674 Us Military Saddle
1675 Mcclellan Saddle No Stirrups W/ Saddle Blanket
1676 Mcclellan Saddle No Stirrups With Military Civil War Reference Book W/ Saddle Blanket
1677 4 Saddle Stand
1678 Keyston Bros. Western Saddle
1679 Vintage Western Saddle
1680 Marshall Wells Western Saddle
1681 Vintage Western Saddle Incl. Blanket
1682 4 Saddle Stand
1683 Newll'S Western Saddle Incl. Blanket
1684 Fallis (Granvy Colorado) Saddle Low Back Incl. Martingale And Blanket
1685 Youth Western Saddle W/ Silver Conchos Incl. Blanket
1686 Sternberg Albany Oregon Western Saddle
1687 4 Saddle Stand
1688 Mcclellan Saddle No Stirrups
1689 Jc Higgins Western Saddle Incl. Blanket
1690 English Saddle No Stirrups
1691 Mcclellan Saddle W/ Hooded Stirrups Incl. Blanket
1692 4 Saddle Stand
1693 Bear Skin Mount Rack Included
1694 Bear Skin Mount Rack Included
1695 Thomas Preston Idaho Tooled Leather Saddle W/ Silver Conchos, Incl. Blanket
1696 Commercial Wood And Cast Iron Saddle Stand On Casters
1697 3 Sheep Branding Irons (1 Electric)
1698 Set Of Ten Numbered Sheep Branding Irons
1699 Bundle Of Vintage Branding Irons, Includes Running Iron
1700 Bundle Of Vintage Branding Irons, Includes Running Iron
1701 Bundle Of Vintage Branding Irons
1702 Bundle Of Vintage Branding Irons
1703 Bundle Of Vintage Branding Irons
1704 Bundle Of Vintage Branding Irons
1705 Bundle Of Vintage Branding Irons
1706 Bundle Of Vintage Branding Irons
1707 Bundle Of Vintage Branding Irons
1708 Bundle Of Vintage Branding Irons
1709 Bundle Of Vintage Branding Irons
1710 Bundle Of Vintage Branding Irons, Includes Rack
1711 Choice Of Items On First Rack
1712 Choice Of Brass Harness Items And Rack
1713 Choice Of Western Items (Spurs, Stirrups, Conchos, Blacksmith Chaps, Scabbards, Currycombs)
1714 Wood Stave Barrel And Primitive Wood Handle
1715 Choice Of 4 Pairs Of Decorated Draft Horse Hames Protectors
1716 Leather Draft Horse Fly Net
1717 Leather Draft Horse Fly Net
1718 Complete Draft Horse Harness, Collar, Hames And Bridle Incl.
1719 Complete Draft Horse Harness, Collar, Hames And Bridle Incl.
1720 Choice Of 41 Tack Lots In Stall #4 East Side
1721 2 Harness Pads
1722 2 Pair Leather Leggings
1723 Draft Horse Harness , Reins Guide
1724 Pr. Iron Stirrups
1725 2 Tooled Leather Western Bridles
1726 2 Tooled Leather Taparros,( Stirrup Covers)
1727 Brown Brothers 1918 Leather Cabaret
1728 Equestrian Flag Holder & 2 Decorative Western Items
1729 Rodeo Bull Riders Rigging Enailsail Fd
1730 Rodeo Practice Horn Gooding Idaho Rodeo Bull Riding Riggins
1731 Us Leather Holster
1732 Halter W/ Diamond Decoration
1733 Dental Veterinary Speculum (To Clean Teeth)
1734 Leather Scabbard Schoellkopf Dallas Texas Jumbo Brand Trade Mark
1735 Leather Bridle & Stirrups
1736 Gun Scabbard Pioneer Co. Boise Idaho
1737 Pr. Iron Stirrups
1738 Us Leather Holster
1739 6 Horse Bits
1740 Us Copper & Brass Decoration
1741 Pistol Horse Bit
1742 Choice Of Saddles
1743 2 Wheel Cart And 2 Groups Of Buggy Wrenches
1744 Table, 3 Ladders, & Wood Clamp
1745 2 Hay Trolleys, Hay Spear, Hay Fork, Barn Pulley (Against The Shed)
1746 Collection Of Cast Iron Stove Or Bath Tub Feet
1747 2 Wheel Flower Cart
1748 Group Of Alligator Wrenches & Buggy Wrenches ( International Harvester
1749 2 Wheel Flower Cart
1750 3 Saw Mill Blades 20 & 24 Inch 2 Extra Blades Round & Wood Pieces
1751 Box Of Saw Set, Handles, Buck Saw & 3 Buthers Saws
1752 Choice Hand Saws
1753 Choice Of Two Man Saws
1754 One Man Painted Saw From Indian Springs Idaho
1755 Choice Of Saws
1756 2 Pallets Of Burlap Sacks
1757 3 Mel Jackson Creation, Flower Pot Hanger And 2 Fire Place Carriers
1758 Mel Jackson Creation, Flower Pot Hanger And 2 Fire Place Carriers
1759 Farm 2 Wheel Cultivator
1760 Farm 2 Wheel Cultivator ( On Drive Way)
1761 Mel Jackson Creation Sleigh
1762 Mel Jackson Creation Sleigh
1763 24 Horse Drawn Side Rake Implement Wheels
1764 Mel Jackson Creation, Mosquito
1765 4 Horse Drawn Side Rake Wheels
1766 8 Horse Drawn Dry Farm Wheels
1767 25 Horse Drawn Dump Rake Wheels
1768 Mel Jackson Creation: Wrench Flower
1769 Do It Yourself: 3 Buckets Fo Wrenches And Stand
1770 19 Horse Drawn Dump Rake Wheels
1771 2 Large 5 Ft. Implement Wheels
1772 2 Galvanized Washtubs And Stand
1773 10 Horse Drawn Implement Wheels
1774 18 Horse Drawn Dump Rake Wheels
1775 Two Burner Kerosene Cook Stove W/ Glass Reservoir
1776 3 Burner New Perfection Cook Stove W/ Glass Reservoir
1777 10 Grinding Wheels
1778 20 Horse Drawn Implement Wheels
1779 21 Horse Drawn Implement Wheels
1780 27 Horse Drawn Implement Wheels
1781 2 Mel Jackson Creations: Eye & Figure
1782 3 Wood Gates And Ladder
1783 2 Mel Jackson Creations: 2 Figures
1784 3 Mel Jackson Creations: "Gone To The Dogs"
1785 13 Horse Drawn Dump Rake Wheels
1786 2 Implement Wheels
1787 20 Implement Wheels
1788 25 Implement Wheels
1789 Ward'S Wagon Wheel
1790 2 Mel Jackson Creations: "Cultivated Birds"
1791 2 Mel Jackson Creations: Shovel Birds
1792 Buggy Parts
1793 Shovel Bird And Do-It-Yourself Parts
1794 Horse Drawn Potato Cultivator
1795 Choice Of 5 Pallets: Assorted Implement Wheels
1796 Stack Of Wood And Metal
1797 2 Wheel Flower Cart
1798 Mel Jackson Horseshoe Creation
1799 Pallet Of Horseshoes
1800 Choice Of Hand Tools (Hammers, Blacksmith Tongs, Chest Drills)
1801 Blue Storage Box
1802 Row Of Wagon Axels And Wheels
1803 Row Of Wagon Axels And Tongues
1804 Row Of Wagon Axels And Tongues
1805 Pallet Of Tools, Insulator
1806 Pallet: Washtub, Pulley Bird Cage, Windmill Tail, Flower Pot Ring, Grass Seeder, Pump Handle)
1807 Mel Jackson Creation: Pick & Shovel W/ One Geode
1808 Manure Spreader Wheels
1809 Manure Spreader Wheels
1810 Row Of Wagon Axels, Tongues And Wheels
1811 Plow Shear, Harrow And Wheels
1812 Pallet: Pipe Threaded, Rasps, Potato Fork, Post Hole Tool, Misc. Nuts And Bolts
1813 Red Wagon With Red Storage Box
1814 Pallet: Wrenches, Potato Rake, Shovel, Post Hole Tool, Knives , Rasps,
1815 Pallet: Misc. Implement Wheels
1816 Pallet: Misc. Implement Wheels
1817 Mel Jackson Horseshoe Creation
1818 2 Piles Of Wagon Axel And Wheel Parts
1819 Large Pile Of Wagon Axles Double/Single Trees (The Squash Goes With It)
1820 Pallet: Garden Shed Décor (Seeder, Shoe Cleaner, Flower Pulley, Ring, Pitch Forks, Pruner, Shovels)
1821 Pallet Garden/Shed Décor: Post Hole Digger, Pulley, Pitch Forks, Flower Ring, Fish Net, Shovel, Hoe, Grass Seeder
1822 Pallet Garden/Shed Décor: Boot Cleaner, Pitch Forks, Pulley, Grass Seeder, Flower Ring, Post Hole Digger, Rakes, Hoe
1823 Pallet Garden/Shed Décor: Rakes, Shovels. Post Hole Digger, Flower Ring, Tongs, Pulley, Pitch Fork, Architectural Shapes
1824 Pallet: Tool Handles, Copper Tea Kettle Planters, 2 Washtubs, 10 Flower Rings
1825 30 Horse Drawn Hay Mower Wheels
1826 27 Misc. Implement Wheels
1827 16 Misc. Implement Wheels
1828 7 Tractor Wheels And Potato Digger Wheels
1829 2 Wagon Axles And Wheels
1830 Horse Drawn Sugar Beet Cultivator
1831 Lumber Hauling Wagon
1832 2 Wagon Axles And Wheels
1833 Wagon Wheel And Parts
1834 Wagon Axles/Wheels
1835 Wagon Axel W/ One Wheel
1836 Wood And Metal Jackson Forks W/ Extra Parts
1837 Jackson Fork
1838 Jackson Fork
1839 Jackson Fork
1840 Jackson Fork
1841 Railroad Express Baggage Wagon
1842 Pallet Case Planters
1843 8 Implement Wheels
1844 14 Implement Wheels
1845 22 Implement Wheels
1846 2 Groups Of Iron Wagon And Buggy Rims
1847 Implement Wheels And Axles
1848 Choice Of Milk Can Saddle Stands
1849 Choice Of Large Wrenches
1850 Pallet: Long Furniture Clamps
1851 Pallet: Wagon Wheel/Parts
1852 Pallet: Wagon Wheel/Tractor Seat, Flower Ring
1853 Pallet: Wagon Wheel, Jackson Fork, Pitch Fork
1854 Pallet: Wagon Wheel, Flower Ring, Jackson Fork
1855 Pallet: Tin Boiler, Cast Iron Griddle, Stove Lids, Meat Hook, Dutch Oven Lid, Meat Press, Mold, Copper Kettle
1856 Pallet: Jackson Fork And Wagon Parts, Plow Shears, Tractor Seat
1857 Two Wheel Flower Card Frame And Milk Can Cart
1858 Cattle Chute
1859 School Desks
1860 Jackson Fork, 2 Wheel And 1 Wheel Cart Frames
1861 Pallet: Wagon Wheel And Jackson Fork Décor Items
1862 Pallet: Wagon Wheel, Salt Lake City Oil Can, Flower Pot Hanger
1863 Large Wagon Wheel And Jackson Fork
1864 Pallet: Oil Can, Kerosene Cans, Roll Of Copper Wire, Funnel Chalk, 2 Antique Auto Batteries, Bulb
1865 Pallet: 4 Wood Pulleys (Nice Architectural Shape)
1866 Pallet: 4 Telephone Magnetos, Irons, Potato Fork, Post Hole Tool, Bug Zapper, Shovel, Drill Bits
1867 Pallet Of Garden Décor: Grass Seeder, Metal Milking Stool, Post Hole Digger, Flower Ring, Jackson Fork, Shovel, Rakes, Log Peavey, Potato Basket, Wood Pulley
1868 Pallet: Draft Horse Harness Parts
1869 Pallet: Draft Horse Harness Pieces And Brass Ball Hames
1870 Banks-Maxwell Airplane Propellor (As Is)
1871 Tall Tongs
1872 Tall Tongs
1873 Pitch Fork, Sheep Crook, Potato Fork
1874 Tongs With Loop And Hook
1875 Midget No. 2 Planter Parts
1876 Ideal Double Washtubs
1877 Peach Baskets W/ Plant Stand
1878 Peach Baskets W/ Wood Planter
1879 28" Cast Iron Kettle W/ Stand
1880 25" Cast Iron Kettle W/ Stand
1881 Brass Kettle W/ Stand
1882 Brass Kettle W/ Stand
1883 Brass Kettle W/ Stand (Includes Extras Brass Oil Can)
1884 Brass Kettle W/ Stand
1885 Cast Iron Melting Pot W/ Stand
1886 Cast Iron Scalding Kettle, Pot, Stand
1887 Cast Iron Melting Pot W/ Stand
1888 Copper Boiler And Tank (Includes Seat)
1889 F.D. & B. Company Pocatello Box, 2 East-Idaho Brewery Barrels W/ Stand
1890 2 Iron Horse Shoe Racks
1891 2 Flower Pot Hangers
1892 4 Wood Burls
1893 Row Of Lava Rock
1894 Choice Of 14 Mel Jackson Petroglyph Creations
1895 Mel Jackson Horseshoe Christmas Tree W/ Extra Horseshoes
1896 Mel Jackson Creation: Triangle And Dinner Bell
1897 Mail Box On Stand
1898 Mail Box On Wagon Wheel Base
1899 Mail Box Stand
1900 Mel Jackson: Triangle And Dinner Bell
1901 Metal Sculpture
1902 Mel Jackson: Triangle And Dinner Bell
1903 Mel Jackson: Triangle With Stand
1904 Mail Box W/ Mild Can Base And Triangle
1905 Mel Jackson: Horse Shoe Creature
1906 Mel Jackson: Medusa Flower
1907 Triangle W/ Wagon Rims
1908 Mel Jackson Milk Can Creation
1909 Mel Jackson: Clown Face
1910 Mel Jackson: Pool Player
1911 Mel Jackson: Horseshoe Flower Cactus
1912 Mel Jackson: Hands On Hips
1913 Mel Jackson: "Skating On Thin Ice"
1914 Mel Jackson: Bogeyman/Golfer
1915 Mel Jackson: Gear Flower
1916 Mel Jackson: Seated Soldier
1917 Mel Jackson: Hear No Evil
1918 Mel Jackson: See No Evil
1919 Mel Jackson: Speak No Evil
1920 Mel Jackson: Think No Evil
1921 Mel Jackson: "Tyke On Tryke"



BY: Sarah Jackson

My father's collection is an accumulation of over 30 years attending farm auctions and other sales. He had a great interest in American history and particularly Native American history. He had an appreciation for the hard work and challenges of those who came west. He researched many of his acquired treasures. He was a knowledgeable geologist and avid rock collector as shown through his large accumulation of geodes, various agates and petrified wood. He also had an appreciation for the "finer" things, as you will see by the wide array of other items for sale. He was a collector in the truest sense!

We hope you will enjoy this opportunity to "own" a piece of history as much as he would have enjoyed being part of this auction.

Special THANKS to Morna McKissick for her hard work and dedication to this event.