SOLD!!! Jackson Estate - Day 1

  • Live On-Site Auction:
    Fri, Sep 30th 2005, 8:00 PM
  • 5101 Whitaker
    ChubbuckIdaho  83202
  • SOLD!!! FINE GLASSWARE, RAILROAD COLLECTIBLES, ANTIQUES, HORSE TACK, BOOKS, COLLECTION OF STONES, One to remember!!! In a beautiful setting on site. One of the most diversified and interesting collections ever. See you there!

Items for Auction September 30th

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Friday Ring 1 & 2 Catalog Here!

To download  printable versions, click here: Friday Ring 1, Friday Ring 2, Saturday Ring 1, Saturday Ring 2.

Western Collectibles & Glassware: Friday's Auction

Glassware References Kitchenware References Red Handled Kitchenware Brass DeLeval Milk Can & Advertising Yardsticks
Shriners & Odd Fellows Fraternal Memorabilia Griswold & Wagnerware Cast Iron Pans Victorian Household Wire Baskets/Egg Baskets Saddle Reference Books & Catalogs
Spur & Bits Reference Books & Catalogs Advertising Tins Coffee Grinders Cowboy Gear & Bootjacks
Vintage Knives Winchester Grinder & Book Trivets Large Collection of Irons
Chromed Horseshoes Early Idaho License Plates Ice Cream Freezers Stone Ware
Graniteware Straight Razors & Barber Hones Foot Carriage Warmer Farm Primitives
Hundreds of Antique & Collectible Tools Feed Baskets & Curry Combs Key Collections Scale Collection
Sausage Stuffer, Table Model Cream Separator Brass Fire Alarm Bells & Nozzles Watering Cans
Barn Lanterns
Curling Irons & Accessories Unique Kitchenware/Nut Crackers Stove Parts & Lifters Plume Agate
Union Pacific Wall Calendars 1950s-1960s Western Paperbacks Collection Wards & Sears Catalogs Vintage Idaho & Utah City Directories
Yard Long Photos - American Falls Idaho & Camp Lewis Yard Long Photos 1918 A.E.F. Squadron and Idaho War Conference Delegates 1918 Advertising Dust Pans & Rug Beaters Over View of Antiques, Collectables & Glassware
Cart , 2 Large Cast Iron Kettles with Stands Dozens of Anvils Tools & Swage tools Saw Collection Including Indian Spring Idaho Hand Painted Scene Anvils
Swage Block w/ Cast Iron Stand Nylent, Tonka and Other Toys New Era Rope Machine Fire Hydrant Nozzles & Wrenches
Antique Auto Hub Caps & Radiator Caps (Whippet, Buick, Ford, Chevy) Hand Forged Tongs & Montana Beer Bottles Antique Tricycles Hundreds Blacksmith Tongs
Forge Tools & Blacksmith Bellows Railroad Lanterns & UPRR Extinguisher Antique Seeder & Pitch Fork Collection "Think NO Evil" Metal Sculptures
Vintage Baseball Memorabilia Oyster Scoop Washboard Collection Men's Magazines
Cast Iron Forging Ladles Blacksmith Forge & Harness Blacksmith Post leg Vise Collection Washstand, Wringers, Soap Boxes, Purex Bottles
Ontario Railroad Hand Cart Railroad Lanterns Fish Spears Railroad Pullman Car Window Opener
Railroad Oil Cans

Additional Items for Auction:

To download  printable versions, click here: Friday Ring 1, Friday Ring 2, Saturday Ring 1, Saturday Ring 2.

Friday Ring 1

Friday Ring 2

1 Antique Coat Rack, Door Knobs, Iron And Brass Hardware
2 Toy Radio Line Wheelbarrow, Modeling Clay, German Childs Warming Dish, Pin-The-Tale-On-The-Donkey, Cpt. Kangaroo Cup
3 Vintage Wire Laundry Basket, White Enamelware Collection, Three Bed Pans
4 7 Pcs. Green Depression Glass, 2 Green Satin Covered Powder Boxes, Handled Bon Bon
5 Advertising Tins, Old Bottles, Silverplate Tray, Ace Ginger Beer, Clown Bank
6 Green Handled Kitchenware, Lunch Box
7 Avon Bottle References, Avon Bottles
8 Graniteware Collection, Ladle, Handled Chamber pot, Etc.
9 5 Pcs. Green Satin Depression Glass, Fluorescent (Incl. Cookie Jar)
10 10 Porcelain Plates (France, Germany And Japan)
11 Bread Box W/ Red Handled Kitchenware (Apple, Parer, And Syrup)
12 5 Pcs. Green Depression Glass, Pitcher, Measuring Cup, 2 Reamers
13 Melmac Collection, 12 Retro Tumblers
14 Ice Buckets, Cut Glass Decanter, Martini Mixer
15 Stanley Level #36, Cast Iron Level, Soldering Iron, Monkey Wrench, Barrel Wrench
16 Bottle Capper, Oil Pan, Daisy Jar Rubbers, Old Bottle Caps, Vintage Lids
17 8 Pcs. Green Depression Glass (Cherries Bowl)
18 Fenton Black Hand-Painted Compote, Yellow Rose Silvercrest Vase, White Hobnail Vase, Black Bowl
19 Vintage Kitchenware (T.R. Hall Butter Mold), Juicer, Ice Crusher, Ice Picks, Elec. Defroster, Bill Hooks
20 Vintage Kitchenware Collection ( Potato Mashers, Egg Beaters, Cookie Cutters), Cast Iron Chopper
21 9 Pcs, Green Depression Glass ( Bowls, Etched Vase, Ashtrays, Salts)
22 Fenton Persian Medallion Compote, Green Opalescent Bowl
23 Blue And Grey Graniteware Collection
24 6 Pcs. Green Fluorescent Depression Glass (Rose, Cameo, Sherbets, Ballerina, Sugar, Princess Cup, Raindrop C/S)
25 Salt And Pepper Collection, Napkin Rings, Red Mold, Love-Bird Planter
26 Vintage Camera Collection, 12 Photographs (Yellowstone, Craters Of The Moon, Etc.)
27 9 Aunt Polly Green Depression Sherbets, Cream And Sugar Set
28 Green Covered Candy, Carnival Compote, Blue Carnival Covered Compote
29 10 Pcs. Green Depression Glass, 2 Footed Compotes, Sherbets
30 4 Vintage Ice Buckets
31 Phantom Blue Footed Vase, Green Stretch Vase
32 Vaseline Glass, Covered Dish, Reamer, Green Kellogg's Measuring Cup, Cattle Stick
33 Collection Of Old Food Choppers
34 Green Vaseline Glass, Bowl, Reamer, Two Handled Sugar, Measuring Cup
35 Winchester Reference Book, Grinder, 3 Advertising Spatulas
36 2 Green Depression Glass Divided Dishes In Metal Frames, Extra Lid
37 Handled Nappies, Cream And Sugar, Furniture Coasters, Etc.
38 20 1950'S Soda Fountain Checks, Preston Indian License Plate Topper, Sun Valley Sugar Set
39 Vintage Hobart Coffee Grinder (Store Model)
40 Blue Child's Wagon, 3 Doll Carriages, Doll Bed
41 2 Vintage Ice Cream Freezers ( Little Smoothie, And Husky Igloo), Tin Painted Coffee Bean Holder
42 2 Boxes Antique Fruit Jars, Jar Rings, Lids
43 Vintage Westinghouse Brass Blade Fan, Copper Distilled Water Reservoir
44 Black And White Porcelain Door Knob Collection, Tin Mail Box
45 Vintage Egg Basket, Sun Lamp, Minerallight, Hanging Lamp
46 Vintage Advertising Yardsticks (Auto, Fuel, Farm)
47 Fraternal Collectables (Eagles, IOOF Journals And Catalogs, 5 Shrine Fez Hats)
48 3 Beveled Mirrors
49 Box Of Advertising Tins, Laurence Wilk Trays, Coleman Measuring Can And Funnel
50 3 Antique Chicken Waterers, Cowbell On Leather Strap
51 Saddle References (Century In The Saddle Signed By Author, Saddle Repair Book, McCellan Manuals, Wilson And Walker Catalog Reprints: Wilson And Walker, Miles City, Bolhin, Visalia 1923, Shipley, Ozark, Texas, Frazier, And Cheyenne)
52 Starburst 2 Pcs. Punch Bowl W/ 12 Cups
53 Vintage Ephemera (Incl. Magazines, Catalog, 1939 Radio Handbook, Stamps, 1929 Idaho Fishing License, Phone Directories, 4 Things To Make Books)
54 Yard Long American Falls High School 1936 Portland Rose Festival Band Photo
55 1918 Yard Long Army Photo
56 Yard Long Army Photo
57 Hanging Milk Scale, 25 Lb. Utility Scale
58 Antique Utility Scale, Triner Beam Postal Scale
59 2 Wood Barrel Bong Mallets, Apple Butter Paddle
60 Gold Framed Photograph, 1918 Idaho War Conference Yard Long Photograph
61 1918 AEF Yard Long Photo
62 Dry Goods Advertising Match Holder, Idanha Hotel Etched Ink Well, 2 Fairfield Advertising Wall Plaques
63 Box Of 9 Hanging Brass Scales, Brass Pump
64 Pair Of Mounted Cattle Horns
65 2 Yard Long Photographs (Navy, Unidentified 1926 Kansas Photo)
66 Cast Iron 3 Leg Paddle, Steelyard Scales, 2 Brass Caps From Rialto Theater SLC, UT.
67 Gamewell Brass Fire Alarm Gong (Missing Key)
68 Brass Fire Alarm Gong (Or Fight Bell)
69 Pair Of Mounted Cattle Horns
70 Cast Iron Fire Tongs, Brass Stencil, Twin Falls Clothes Pin Bag, Cream Top Yard Stick, Poultry Crook
71 2 Alarm Bells (Thomson In Wood Box)
72 Large Landers Frary And Clark Corn Grinder
73 HB Rouse Brass And Cast Iron Cutting Tool
74 Milk Glass Compote And Covered Jar, Barber Bottles, Cobalt Powder Bottle, Cobalt Poison Bottle, Etc.
75 Framed Remington Print, Catalog Pages, Carved Cowboy Portrait
76 Cast Iron And Wood Pulley
77 Cast Iron And Wood Pulley, Wood Stomper
78 Jr. Monarch Marking Machine, 1940'S Stenotype Machine
79 Antique Irons (Sad W/Wood Handles, Blue Kerosene, Charcoal)
80 Green Wood Children's Ironing Board, Toy Sad Iron W/Extra Base
81 Enterprise Cherry Stoner, Polly Prim Grinder, Keystone Grinder
82 Commercial French Fry Cutter, Food Or Juice Strainer
83 Keystone Grinder, Universal Food Chopper, 2 Enterprise Raison Seeders (1 As Is)
84 2 Advertising Dust Pans (Crystal Furniture, Pocatello Coal)
85 5 Gal. Western Pottery Stoneware Crock
86 2 Antique Wire Rug Beaters, Dust Pan, Wood Carpet Stretcher
87 Country Store Paper Dispenser, String Holder W/String
88 Potato Ricers, Raison Seeder, Where-Ever Aluminum Kitchen Tool, 2 Cherry Stoners
89 Stoneware Bread Crock, Handled Jug
90 3 Carriage Foot Warmers (Soap Stone, Cast Iron)
91 Large Cast Iron Corn Grinder
92 Stoneware Reference Book, Marshall Pottery 8 Gal. Stoneware Crock
93 Western Stoneware 8 Gal. Crock
94 3 Antique Rug Beaters, 2 Dust Pans, 3 Fly Swatters
95 8 Gal. Marshall Stoneware Crock, Advertising Yardsticks
96 Wood Kraut Cutter, Butter Mold, 2 Wood Coffee Grinders (1 Newer)
97 Lovell Wood Wringer
98 Anchor Brand Chamois Wringer
99 Wood Happy Thought Wringer
100 Basket W/ Vel And Oxydol Soap Boxes, 3 Purex Bottles, 2 Twin Falls Laundry Bags
101 Wood Antique Wool Carder
102 White Enamel Washtub, 2 Glass And Brass Scrub Boards
103 5 Vintage Sewing Baskets
104 Singer Portable Sewing Machine In Locking Wood Case
105 Singer Sewing Machine In Blonde Cabinet
106 Sewing Accessories: Zigzagger, Hem Stitcher, Buttonhole Scissors, Foot Petals, Thread Spools, Bobbins
107 3 Pyrex Pots, Tin Mold, Blue Granite Kettle, 4 Advertising Spatulas, Etc.
108 3 Victorian Wire Waste Baskets, Hand Woven Rug
109 Large 2 Handle Victorian Waste Basket, 2 Idaho Potato Sacks, Winchester And Remington Canvas Shot Bags, Etc.
110 9 Pcs. Green Depression Glass Swirl Pattern, Sugar And Creamer, Plates, Flower Frog Vase, Sugar And Creamer, Cups
111 2 Lots Of Antique Skeleton Keys With Reference Book
112 Indiana Glass Carnival Glass Punch Bowl, 4 Matching Goblets, 5 Cups
113 4 Green Depression Glass Bowls (3 Footed)
114 8 Green Depression Glass Crackle Pattern Sherbets, 1 Footed Tumbler
115 Basket Of Chromed Antique Horse Shoes
116 9 Green Depression Pieces (Plates, Vase, 3 Bon Bons)
117 8 Matching Green Depression Sherbet, 1 Sugar
118 Box Of 12 Cast Iron And Wire Trivets
119 Heavy Antique Electric Iron And Trivet, Heavy Sad Iron Or (Door Stop)
120 Irons: Electric, Gas, Mrs. Potter Base, Wood Handled Sad Iron, Monitor Charcoal
121 Irons: Heavy Electric, 4 Wood Handled Sad Irons, 1 Iron Handled Sad Iron
122 Double Taylor And Boggis Sad Iron Heater W/ Two Iron Handled Sad Irons
123 13 Pcs. Etched Green Depression Glass
124 Amberina Goblet, 2 Footed Compotes, Green Depression Candle Stick, Moon And Stars Vaseline Tooth Pick, Tumbler
125 Black Amethyst Handled Vase, Fenton Pink Overlay Melon Vase, Fenton Blackfooted Vase
126 2 Green Depression Bowls, Vase, Green Satin Frigedaire Iced Tea Server
127 2 Green Depression Diamond Quilted Bowls, Handled Salad Bowl, Cake Plate
128 3 Vintage Glass Ice Buckets, 1 Aluminum Ice Bucket
129 Green Amazon Nut Cracker, Cast Iron Home Nut Cracker, Glass Nut Chopper, Tin Scoop, Iron Bill Hook, Wire Fork, Cream Whip, Iron Jar Lifter Or Grabbing Tool
130 7 Antique Food Choppers, Iron Spatula, 7 Wood Rolling Pins
131 Stover Antique Waffle Iron, Long Handled Ebelskiber (Egg Poacher)
132 Griswold Waffle Maker, Corrugated Cast Iron Pan, Long Handled Waffle Iron, 2 Dutch Oven Trivets
133 Book Case, 3 Daughters Of The Utah Pioneers Books 1983, History Of Utah Vol. Iii 1919
134 Fenton Blue Opalescent Footed Rose Compote,1 Salt, 2 Toothpicks (1 Moon And Stars)
135 Green Depression Ice Bucket, 2 Green Depression Fluorescent Vases
136 Griswold Hinged Double Skillet, Wagner Cast Iron Skillet
137 Whagnerware Crusty Corn Cob Pan In Original Pkg., Whagnerware Skillet, Whagnerware Waffle Iron
138 Cast Iron Tea Kettle, Tall Waffle Iron Vase
139 Griswold Reference Book, USA Griddle, Griswold Hinged Double Skillet
140 Vintage Scissors And Garden Shears Collection, International Silver Serving Pcs.
141 Black Glass Footed Compote And Footed Vase, Fenton Footed Hobnail Compote And Vase
142 Westmoreland Convention 1993 Souvenir Plate And Amber Westmoreland Glass Collection
143 Fenton Rose Magnolia Vase, Hobnail Amber Basket, Iridescent Covered Candy
144 Green Depression Footed Compote And Handled Sandwich Plate
145 10 Pcs. Green Depression Glass: Tumblers, Coasters, Flower Frog Vase
146 2 Pattern Glass Salt And Pepper Trays And 9 Candlewick Pieces
147 Mini Carnival Basket, Two Carnival Bowls, 10 Footed Carnival Pitcher
148 Purple Amethyst Sun Turned Vase, 12 Etched Glass Wine Glasses, 10 Clear Candy Dishes
149 Collection Of Curling Irons ( 1 W/Heater, Comb, Massagers), Bag Of Antique Curlers
150 Collection Of Vintage And Antique Straight Razors, 3 Razor Hones In Original Box, Shaving Brush In Original Box
151 Green Depression Sunflower Cake Plate, 2 Sherbets, 10 Depression Plates And Saucers
152 2 Oval Green Depression Platters, 2 Green Depression Mixing Bowls
153 Dairy Collectibles: Wood Milk Stool, Box Of Wisconsin Milk Bottle Caps, Wire Chicken Egg Basket, Tube Vintage Milk Bottle Caps, 5 Restaurant Creamers, 5 Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Iowa And Maine Milk Bottles
154 4 Vintage Ice Buckets And 2 Ice Tongs
155 Maroon And Black Hall 6 Cup Tea Pots (2)
156 12 Misc. Green Depression Cups
157 Brass Collection: Conco Lock, Telescope W/Leather Case, 6 Milk Can And Laundry Tags
158 4 Paul Idaho 1924 Advertising Fans, 3 Wooden Nickels, Booklet And Coal Advertising, Signed 1968 Barnes 3 Western Cowboy Sketches
159 Pair Of Vintage Split Shot Pliers, Auto Tachometer, Meerschaum Pipe
160 Marbles, Slc Medallion, Casino 93 Token, Signed Navajo Or Zuni Bracelet, Phonograph Needles, Elk Teeth, Embroidery Scissors, Jewelry
161 Christmas Reference Book, 5 Tree Toppers, 3 Sets Of Vintage Christmas Lights
162 Fenton Silvercrest Candle Stick, Green Vase, Fenton Lemon Satin Vase And Footed Compote
163 7 Green Depression Tumblers And 1 Footed Goblet
164 Ring Holder, Amethyst Shelf Support, 2 Amethyst Vases, 2 Sherbets
165 2 Carnival Vases, 1 Carnival Dish
166 Blue And White Napkin Holder And Figural Tea Set, Winfield Cup And Saucer, Pair Of Fenton Blue Candle Sticks
167 Porcelain Footed Compote, Salt And Pepper, Sugar, Creamer, 4 Candy Dishes
168 Green Depression Vanity Tray, Powder Jar, Vase,
169 2 Fostoria Heirloom Bud Vases, Green Fenton Vase, Purple Candy Dish, Fenton Rose Magnolia Footed Compote
170 Snack Set, Pyrex Custard Dishes, Pyrex Pink And White Refrigerator Dishes, Pyrex Blue And White Refrigerator Dishes
171 14 Vintage Idaho Advertising Ashtrays
172 Federal Embossed Mug, Fenton Hobnail Candle Holder And Bud Vase, 2 Milk Glass Hobnail Dishes, Fenton Hand Painted Footed Compote, Fenton Pink And White Silvercrest Melon Vase
173 Green Depression Ice Bucket, 60'S Ice Bucket, Kerosene Lamp Vase
174 13 Pcs. Green Depression Glass: 4 Sherbets, Custard Dish, 9 Plates And Saucers
175 Kitchen Glassware Reference Book, Jadeite Salt Shaker, Jadeite Juicer Bowl
176 Green Hat Vase, Green Opalescent Dish, Green Footed Dish, Fenton Lime Satin Footed Fruit Compote, Fenton Lemon Satin Vase
177 Fostoria Green Coin Dish, Opalescent Hat Toothpick, Flower Frog, Fenton Hobnail Lemon Satin Bowl, Fenton Lime Satin Vase
178 Iridescent Liberty Bell Plate, Fenton Blue Satin 1971 Christmas Plate, 2 Blue Fenton George Washington And Declaration Of Independence Plates
179 Blue And White Collection: Delft Tin, Dutch Shoe, Bell, Pitcher, Delft Vase, 2 Avon Bi-Centenial Plates
180 11 Pcs. Roulette Pattern Green Depression (Sherbets, Cups, Saucer)
181 Porcelain Christmas Tree Dish, Watermelon Basket, 2 Angel Figurines, Tea Pot Salt, 6 Porcelain Plates
182 12 Green Depression Pcs.: Patrician Spoke Divided Plate, Handled Cake Plate, 3 Ash Trays, Dish, 6 Furniture Coasters
183 Green Depression A & J Pitcher W/ Green Electric Mixer Top
184 Amethyst Lamp Vase And Handled Kerosene Lamp
185 2 Norman Rockwell Plates, Fenton Bicentennial Eagle Paper Weight, Westmoreland 1995 Paper Weight, Boxed Fenton Heart Bear Paper Weight
186 12 Porcelain Bone Dishes, 3 Porcelain Trays
187 Green Depression Reamer, 4 Refrigerator Dishes, Green Depression Measuring Cup
188 13 Pcs. Porcelain: Plates, Austrian Serving Dish, Celery, Platter
189 Jadeite Fire King Batter Bowl, Jadeite Pie Plate
190 6 Green Depression Shot Glasses, Large Wood Handled Ice Tub
191 Green Depression Divided Dish, Footed Bowl, Footed Shallow Compote
192 5 Vintage Ice Buckets
193 1940'S Ice Bucket And 6 Glasses, Ringed Ice Tub
194 4 Bundles Of Vintage Advertising Yard Sticks (Banking, Furniture, Department Store, Political)
195 Solid Brass De Laval Milk Can
196 Box W/ 14 Glassware Reference Books
197 16 Miscellaneous Antiques Reference Books
198 Shoe Last Collection, Shoe Mold (La-Macker)
199 2 Handled Egg Baskets, Victorian Wire Waste Basket, 3 Household Reference Books
200 Wood Horseshoe Brand Clothes Wringer And Folding Wash Tub Stand
201 9 Antique Portraits And Pitcher Frames
202 Marsh Cast Iron 1907 Picture Framers Vise
203 Pine Kitchen Chair
204 Birdseye Maple Rocker
205 Ash Rocker
206 Child Or Doll's High Chair
207 Child's High Chair And Stroller Combination
208 Metal Child's Ironing Board, Velcro Dart Board Cabinet, Children's Blackboard
209 Juvenile Antique Wheel Chair
210 Adult Kane Seat Antique Wheel Chair
211 Art Deco Cash Register
212 Vintage Adult Ironing Board
213 Oak Revolving Stool (Telephone Operator)
214 Dentist Adjustable Chair, Plan Stand (?)
215 Vintage Round Store Clothes Rack
216 Vintage Formica Table
217 Box Of Misc. Rocks And Lapidary Magazines
218 8 Kitchen Collectable References
219 Casino And Gambling References And Playing Card Shuffler
220 Men's Magazine Collection: Playboy, Chic, Hooker, Teenage Nudist, Escapade, Saga
221 Salt Lake Hardware Catalog, 3 Antique Blacksmith Manuals
222 Genealogy Books And References
223 7 Vintage Sears And Wards Catalogs And 4 Reprints
224 Vintage Western Paperback Collection
225 16 Cowboy References: Saddles And Spurs, Collectables, Bits And Spurs, Crockett Reference, Montana Rodeo Program
226 14 Blacksmith And Metal Working References
227 Pocatello, Blackfoot, And Idaho Falls City Directories, Cache Valley History 1956, Chesterfield History 1982
228 5 Ogden UT City Directories, History Of Logan UT 1993
229 9 Vintage Prints And Frames
230 3 Vintage Radios (Firestone, Sonora, GE), And Record Guide, Antique Radio Reference, Mantle Clock, 2 Phones
231 Railroad Scrapbook, 10 1950'S And 60'S Union Pacific Railroad Wall Calendars, 1950 Caterpillar Wall Calendar
501 Iron Bullet Mold & Wood Fishing Tackle Box
502 Folding Fish Net, Mucilin Tin And 15 Fishing Lures
503 Shakespeare Casting Rod, 7 Misc. Rods & Rod Holder
504 Minnow Bucket & Trap, Bait Box W/ Sinker And Misc.
505 3 Iron Fish Spears
506 Wood Handled Spear & Fish Gaff
507 6 Wood Boat Oars
508 Snack-Toter Ice Box W/ 4 Scrub Brushes
509 Wood Winchester Dovetail Box W/ 3 Ammo Boxes
510 2 Brunswick Balke Colander Co. Wood Billiard Racks
511 4 Ski Poles, Tennis Rackets, Skeet Throwers
512 3 Catcher Masks, Brass Pumps & 2 Baseball Pictures
513 3 Daisy Bb Guns - Model 75 - 105B & 94
514 Railroad Traffic Signal 30 In. Converted To Electric W/ Floor Stand
515 13 Inch Brass Auto Lantern & Misc. Lamp Parts
516 Fleuron Signaler Practice Telegraph In Original Box
517 Boxes Of Aladdin Mantles, Lamp Parts & 7 Chimneys
518 Us Forest Service Lock & Pick
519 Pole Climbers & 2 Belts
520 Pole Climbers, Belt & Bucket
521 Auto Flares, Heaters & Pumps
522 Pair Of Ball & Chains
523 Auto Hub Caps (VW,Ford, IH, Whippet, Chevy)
524 Auto Head Light & 3 Pumps
525 3 Gear Pullers, 3 Valve Grinders & 6 Or 12 Volt Battery Tester
526 Auto Gasket Cutter, Cylinder Reamer, Pillow Block, Hitch & Misc..
527 Red Clearance Lights, Sun Screens, Stabilizer Bar Brass Gas Nozzle
528 Keystone Oil Tin
529 2' Measuring Wheel (Traveler)
530 Mark Co. #1950 Water Depth Gauge
531 2 Antique Electric Heaters
532 Gas Station & Speed Limit Metal Signs
533 7 Automatic Mouse Traps Catch-All
534 18Pc Tractor Socket Set ( Snap-On & Proto)
535 100' Foot Surveyor Steel Tape
536 1900Thc Ship Builder Wood Mallet & Gauge
537 3 Telephone Magnetos
538 Metal Fordson Tool Box & 2 Ford Wrenches
539 2 Draw Knives & Hacksaw
540 3 Miners Lanterns
541 5 Wire Gym Baskets
542 4 Kerosene Torches
543 4 Kerosene Torches
544 Ontario Oregon Hand Truck
545 Cone Top Oregon Short Line RR Can
546 Cast Iron Train Whistle
547 Burlington Route Metal Oil Can
548 #2 Blizzard Dash Lamp & UP Back Plash Kerosene Lamp
549 2 Adams & Westlake Co. Adlake Kero S. P. Co. Kerosene Lamps
550 Cast Iron Locomotive Lantern & Sign
551 American Steam Gauge 1 1/4 " Brass
552 3 U.P. R R Lanterns
553 UP RR Ohio Urbana Oil Can
554 Wabash Ry. Handlan St. Louis RR Can
555 O.S.L. Kerosene Lantern Shade Asis & Frame
556 Red Globe Handlan St Louis Inc. Kerosene Lantern
557 D &R GW RY Can & Lantern Base
558 U.P. Coal Scuttle
559 S.P. Co. Lantern
560 L.S. & M.S. RY RR Lantern
561 Rock Inland Wrench & Brass Oilier
562 O.S,L. RR Can
563 U.P. Can
564 CMSTP & P RR Can
565 P. RR Handlan Lantern
566 UP RR Gas Can Blue
567 Lunkenheimer #21 Fig.1800 Sentinel, Consolidated Brass & Chrome Boilers
568 UP & Mp & G Htw. Co. RR Lock
569 UP RR #1 Switch Lock, Adlake
570 UP RR Combination Tool Box, Step Stool
571 Brass Steam Whistle
572 UP RR Coal Scuttle
573 UP RR Oil Can
574 Chicago, Alton, & E RR Lantern
575 Handlan RR Lantern
576 Pullman Car Window Opener
577 RR Date Nails
578 Solid Brass Anvil Union Pacific RR
579 Railroad Crossing Wood Signs & Metal Sign
580 RR Handles
581 Toilet Seat Cover & RR No Trespassing Sign
582 UP & Calif. Zephyer Coat Hangers, Small Shovel, UP & Stanley Awl & Hammer Head
583 RR Folding Gate
584 3 RR Hand Towel Dispensers & Ceiling Light
585 Pan Full Of Date Nails
586 C & N. W. RY Painted Red Lantern
587 Adams & Westlake Lantern & Oilier Or Torch
588 S.P. Co. Oil Can & S.P. Funnel
589 O.S.L. RR Oil Can
590 U.P RR Oil Can & RR Oil Can
591 Little Giant RR Lantern W/ Red Globe
592 Handlan RR Lantern W/ Red Globe
593 2 RR Oil Cans
594 RR Brass Steam Whistle, Crane Co. 1891
595 Eagle Long Spout Oil Can, 2 Funnels RR
596 U P RR Oil Can & Oil Can
597 UP Eagle Can & 2 Small Cans
598 RR 2 Qt - Liq. Can & Blue Oil Can
599 UP Kerosene Can, & Various Other RR
600 UP RR Shovel & Broom
601 UP Hammer & Broom
602 UP Pick & Broom
603 UP RR Bucket, Shovel & Hammer
604 O.S. L. Shovel & UP Pick
605 UP Pick & Axe
606 UP Pick & Double Blade Axe
607 3 Axes
608 Keen Kutter & Craft Men Axes
609 Keen Kutter Axe & Unico Double Blade Axe
610 2 Embury Traffic Guard Lights
611 Pump Sprayer W/ RR Tag
612 2 Dietz Traffic Guard Lights
613 UP Large Barrel
614 4 Iron RR Gandy Dancers Bars
615 10 Iron RR Gandy Dancers Bars
616 3 UP Buckets
617 OSL Bucket & Bucket W/ Hole In Bottom
618 4 Iron RR Brake Wheels
619 Gandy Dancer Carrier
620 2 UP Tongs
621 Buda & Duff RR Jacks
622 Barth & Oliver Jacks
623 RR Spikes, Hinges, Handles & Various RR
624 2 Us Fire Buckets
625 Fire Pail & 2 Axes
626 General Quick Aid Brass Fire Extinguisher
627 3 Akron Fire Hydrant Wrenches, Forester Hose Shut Off Clamp & Dr Rinehart Holder
628 8 Brass Fire Nozzle, Couplers & Fog Miser Brass
629 WPRR Brass Nozzle, Brass Fog Nozzle & Brass Nozzle
630 2 Fire Axes Shapleigh, Hydrant Pipe Wrench
631 Unusual Axe Head Nor Lund, Fire Fighter Saw, Reel Of New Fire Hose
632 Cast Iron 28" Fire Hydrant Red
633 Fire Hose Reel W/ Attached Nozzle And Cut Of Valve
634 Allen 30" Fire Hose Nozzle
635 Cast Iron Water Pump
636 Folding Wood Store Display Cabinet
637 Cleveland Brass Steam Gauge, Victor Welding Gas Part Brass
638 Cleveland Brass Steam Gauge, Victor Welding Gas Part Brass
639 Berkel Aluminum Meat Scale
640 Coal Bucket & 4 Shovels
641 2 Pr. Cast Iron Stove Legs, Dampers, Mic. Stove Lifters
642 Advertising Stove Lifters, Dampers, Plaques
643 Cast Iron 32" R.R. Caboose Stove
644 Reliable Cast Incubator Stove
645 Queen Cast Iron Incubator Stove
646 Praire State Incubator Stove Cast Iron
647 Auto Bernz Fire Pot W/ 4 Cast Irons Pots
648 Dunlap Fire Pot (Lead Pot) W/ 3 Gold Pans
649 Buzzer Cast Iron Welding Torch & 2 Lead Pots
650 Gas Torch W/ Welding Goggles & Misc.
651 Fire Pot Complete C&L
652 Fire Pot Complete C&L
653 Fire Pot Complete C&L #2
654 Fire Pot Complete
655 Quick Meal Stove As Is
656 Large Wood Stave Barrel
657 Wood Staved Keg
658 Wood Staved Barrel
659 4 Wreaking Bars
660 2 Cast Iron Pots W/ One Stand
661 3 Hand Forged Iron Ladles
662 2 Hand Forged Cast Iron Ladles
663 2 Cast Iron Pot W/ One Stand
664 5 Iron Ladles
665 2 Cast Iron Ladles
666 5 Iron Ladles
667 2 Cast Iron Ladles
668 2 Rat Tail Ladles & 1 Pot
669 Long Handled Cast Iron Ladle
670 2 Small Anvils W/ Hammer & Swage Hardy
671 Peter Wright Anvil W/ 2 Anvil Tools
672 Brocks & Cooper Mouse Hole Anvil W/ Anvil Tool
673 28" Anvil W/ 1 Tool
674 4 Flat Anvils W/ Iron Mold In Box
675 Antique Electric Drill Press
676 Portable Black Smith Post Leg Vise
677 Black Smith Post Leg Vise
678 Bronco Vise
679 Heavy Cast Irons Andirons
680 5' Black Smith Bellows
681 2 Small Black Smith Bellows
682 5' Black Smith Bellows
683 Champions Black Smith Blower And Forge Stand
684 1 Champion Forge Blower And 2 Buffalo Blowers
685 Buffalo Forge Blower With Stand
686 Forge Blower With Stand
687 Forge Blower With Stand
688 Buffalo Forge Blower With Stand
689 2' Buffalo Forge Blower
690 Box Swage Hardies Anvil Tools
691 Box Swage Hardies Anvil Tools
692 Box Swage Hardies Anvil Tools
693 Box Swage Hardies Anvil Tools
694 Bundle Of Black Smith Tongs "Champion" "V&B" Nippers
695 Bundles Of Black Smith Tongs "Heller, "Champion" Nippers
696 Bundle Of Tongs "Heller", "Atha" And "Keen Kutters Nippers"
697 Bundle Of Tongs 'V&B"
698 Bundle Of Tongs "Ulkwerk, Enderes Nippers'
699 Bundle Of Tongs " Red Devil "
700 Bundle Of Tongs "Heller"
701 Bundle Of Tongs "Heller, Keen Kutter Nippers'
702 Bundle Of Tongs "Champion, Dasco Nippers"
703 Bundle Of Tongs "Heller ___ City"
704 Bundle Of Tongs "Champion, V&B, Etc"
705 Bundle Of Tongs 'Champion, V&B, Atha"
706 Bundle Of Tongs :Champion, Ulkwerk"
707 Bundle Of Tongs "Enderes Nippers"
708 Bundle Of Tongs "Champion V&B"
709 Bundle Of Tongs "Heller"
710 Complete Champion Forge With Tools
711 Complete Champion Cast Iron Forge With Tools
712 (13) Heavy Cast Iron Forge Molding Tools With Rack
713 18" Antique Swage Block With Stand
714 2 Iron City Post Leg Vises
715 Small Portable Post Leg Vise
716 Columbian #1 Post Leg Vise
717 Portable Post Leg Vise
718 Portable Post Leg Vise
719 Indian Chief #4 Post Leg Vise
720 Large Indian Chief Post Leg Vise
721 Columbian #2 Post Leg Vise
722 #4 Post Leg Vise
723 Heavy Post Leg Vise
724 Heavy Post Leg Vise " Dept. Of Interior "
725 Portable Post Leg Vise
726 Portable Post Leg Vise
727 Indian Chief Post Leg Vise
728 (Time Permitting There Will Be Possible Additional Lots)


Online Bidding for Saturday Ring 1 Here!

BY: Sarah Jackson

My father's collection is an accumulation of over 30 years attending farm auctions and other sales. He had a great interest in American history and particularly Native American history. He had an appreciation for the hard work and challenges of those who came west. He researched many of his acquired treasures. He was a knowledgeable geologist and avid rock collector as shown through his large accumulation of geodes, various agates and petrified wood. He also had an appreciation for the "finer" things, as you will see by the wide array of other items for sale. He was a collector in the truest sense!

We hope you will enjoy this opportunity to "own" a piece of history as much as he would have enjoyed being part of this auction.

Special THANKS to Morna McKissick for her hard work and dedication to this event.