SOLD!!! Vickers Private Collection-Western Memorabilia

  • Live On-Site Auction:
    Sat, Apr 15th 2006, 2:00 PM
  • Inspection:
    Sat, Apr 15th 2006, 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
  • Holiday Inn
    1399 Bench Road
    PocatelloIdaho  83201
  • SOLD!!! Personal collection of Bill Vickers. Western and Native American memorabilia and much more. Guns, Vintage Chaps, Saddles, Spurs, Bits, Indian Beadework, Antiques, & Collectibles. Details posted here.

Top Quality Western Collectables, Native American Articles, Firearms, Saddles, Tack, and Store Items

Personal Collection of Bill Vickers


Bohlin_2.jpg (56689 bytes)
- Edward H. Bohlin Saddle. Made between 1935-1940. Black, 13"
and Many More!!!

WWII Antiques and Other Knives
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Nazi Dagger w/ Sheath & Cord, Black Dagger w/Sheath (Broken Handle), Custom Craftsman Skinning Knife w/ Sheath, Bayonets, Navy Bayonet, Asia Bayonet, 1918 US Bayonet, 3 Nazi Daggers, Box 9. Knife RIA US 1917 & Hoof Knife, 2 Nazi Belt Buckles

Cowhide Coat

- Turn of the century Hairon Cowhide Coat

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- (Newly Listed) Model 1897 Winchester 12 Ga. Shotgun
- Model 38. 22S,L,LR. Serial#D1040
- Model 92. 22 Cal. Serial#361918
- Model 14-1/2. 22 Cal. No Serial#
- Model 92. 22 Cal. Serial#361918
- Model 37 SB. 410 Ga. 3". All original. No Serial#
- Phoenix Breach Loader. 38 Cal. Serial#3805
- Stevens. 12 Ga. Patient August 12th,1913. Single Shot
- Model 92. 22 Cal. Serial#D8173
- Springfield Pump. 22 Cal. No Serial#
- Savage 22 LR. Serial #90761
- Winchester Model 1894. Lever Action. 30 Cal. Serial#415140
- Special. 12 Ga. Serial#466BN
- Custom Built Rolling Block w/octagon Barrel
- Winchester 1892 SRC. Model 45. Lever Action. Serial#80319
- Savage 1905. Bolt. 22S,L,LR. No Serial#.
- Eclipse Double Hammer. 12 Ga. 30". No Serial#
- Sealed 8 Pistol Revolver I.J. Target Serial#28719

Antiques & Collectables
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Vintage Washing Machine, Iron Rocking Horse, Wagon Wheel, Wagon Yoke, 2 Horse Wagon Yoke, Red Metal Gas Can, Milk Can, Sentinal Radio, Gilfillan Wood Radio, Broadcast Radio, Westinghouse Wood Radio, Water Can, John Deer Model Metal Tractor, Bug Sprayer, Set of Military Leather Leggings, Glass Insulators, WWI Uniform & 2 pair Boots, Army Web Belt, 4 Razors, Porcelain Bottle Warmer in Original Box, Pouch of Skeleton Keys, Baseball & Football Collector's Cards, Perillo Collector Plates, Numbered editions, 1938 Idaho Plate, 1933 Idaho Plate, Cowhide Rug & More!

Hunting / Fishing Items
000_0301.JPG (1154674 bytes) 000_0134.jpg (254371 bytes)
Bear Trap, Bamboo Fishing Rod w/Aluminum Case, Box of Various Fishing Rods, Line, Sinkers & Gear, Golf Clubs, Float Tube & Fins, Croquet Set, Back Pack By Hi-Gear, Dart Board, Green Golf Umbrella, Pelzer Golf Caddy For Bag, EzRide Golf Caddy For Bag, IT Golf Caddy For Bag, Snorkel Gear TUSA, Fishing Pole, Walking Stick, 2 Bows w/Arrows, Float, Fishing Reels, Leather Covered Canteen, Set of Cobra Radios w/Charger, Trap, Container Fishing Lures, 2 Wood Paddles, Bushnell Spotting Scope, Back Packer Cooking Set, Hunting Clothing, Air Mats, Gloves, Nylon Rope, Tents & More!

Variety Items & New & Used Store Items
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Box of Vintage Games, 3 Wood Basket Lids, Slated Shelf, Lodge Cast Iron Kettles, Pans, Waffle Iron, Pots, Shoe Repair Stand, Detroit Automatic Scale, Dynasty Humidifier, Stetson Mirrors, Kenmore Humidifier, Spool of Black Thread, 2 Wicker Baskets, Dutch Brand Estate Wine Opener, Brass Planter, Game Boards, Bob Cat Hat, Navy Cap, Various Bells, Hat Stretcher, Light Votives, Metal Roller Skate Sets, Curler Wand, Box of Buckles & 2 Watch Bands, Records, Slicer, Magnifying Glass, 3 Ink Bottles, Bottle Jet Oil Russet Boot Polish, Bottle Liniment Internal, 2 Canvas Water Bags, DevilBliss Atomizer, NRA Pin & Buckle, Metal Ash Tray, Boric Acid Tin, Pkg of 8 Independence Safety Matches, Gold Pan, Magnifying Glass Pair of Glasses, Privacy Computer Screen, Metal Shelf W/Glass, Humidifier Pad, Tin Can, Pair Wood Candle Holders, Christmas Décor, Lentak Humidifier, 6 Camcorders, Bikes, Two-Way Radios & More!

Casino Tokens and Dice

Package Vintage Poker Chips, Bag of Dice, 3 Poker Dice, 5 Red Dice & 5 White Dice.

Household and Kitchen Items
Cookie Round Up Cookie Jar, Nabisco Crocker Tin, Aluminum Griddle, Colander, Tea Pot, Florida Coaster Set, Tin for Fine Service Brand Taco Holders, Serving Tray & Silver Casserole Dish, TVs, DVD Players, VCR Players.



Native American Articles
beaded dress_2.jpg (66632 bytes)  000_0284.JPG (1216029 bytes) beadedbelt1.jpg (63064 bytes) beadedbelt2.jpg (78952 bytes)
beadedbelt3.jpg (94006 bytes) smallbasket.jpg (107921 bytes) slickingstick.jpg (32043 bytes) gloves.jpg (87126 bytes) beadedcoinpurse.jpg (83689 bytes)000_0140.jpg (108830 bytes) 000_0144.jpg (124970 bytes) 000_0192.jpg (114449 bytes) 000_0208.jpg (134934 bytes) 000_0212.jpg (122199 bytes) 000_0215.jpg (153262 bytes)  000_0209.jpg (127491 bytes)  

- 1950's Doe Skin Beaded Dance Dress. Beadwork by Shoshone Bannock Tribe
- Collector Navajo Spear in Case
- 3 Native American Hand-beaded Belts
- Small Hand-made Basket
- Slicking Stick (used to finish leather)
- Beaded Coin Purse (like new!)
- Never Worn Shoshone-Bannock Buckskin Gloves
- Native woven pieces
- Baby Moccasins
- Beaded Eagle Medallion
- Beaded Fans
- Beaded Moccasins
- Beaded Pouches
- Beaded Rattles
- Blue Beaded Roach
- Heart Barrette With bells
- Weaving Doll
- Red & Yellow Roach
- Yellow & Brown Roach
and Much More!!!


Tan Older Pendleton Blanket, Green Pendleton Blanket w/ Eagle, ISU Blanket, & a Woven Blanket.

watch1.JPG (23598 bytes) watch2.jpg (39526 bytes) watch3.JPG (33127 bytes) watch4.JPG (25661 bytes) watch5.JPG (28282 bytes) watch6.JPG (51348 bytes)
- Silver Watch; Elgin National Watch Company
- Howard Watch
- Hamilton Watch Company
- Old Watch of Unknown Make
- Elgin Deluxe Watch
- Waltram Gold Watch

Antique Chaps
000_0217.jpg (194859 bytes) 000_0221.jpg (119965 bytes)
Pair of Wooly Chaps, Pair of Leather Chaps, 4 Pairs Leather Chaps, Chap set Leather, Light Pair of Chaps, Vintage Leather Chaps, Kids Suede Chaps, Vintage Leather Chaps, Pair Wooly Chaps (Some are Marked).

Musical Items
Two Vintage Accordions in Black Cases, Vintage Accordion

Antique Bits, Spurs and Tack
000_0263a.JPG (843173 bytes) 000_0265a.JPG (1384068 bytes) 000_0268a.JPG (1382610 bytes) 000_0147.jpg (110311 bytes) 000_0182.jpg (95751 bytes) 000_0281.JPG (997994 bytes) 000_0272.JPG (1318325 bytes) bit.jpg (44851 bytes) custombit.jpg (68242 bytes) 000_0194.jpg (95736 bytes) 000_0199.jpg (126802 bytes)
Bridle Set w/ Rhinestones & Bit, Bridle, Breast Collar Set, Brown Bridle & Breast Collar, Tapestry Side Saddle, Leather Bridle set Braided Kangaroo w/ Bit & Reins, (Matching), Harness Cellulite Spreaders, Bridle w/ Bits & Reins, Leather Riata, Bridle, Bit & Reins Set, 2 pair of Hames, Bridle set w/Glass Horse Head Rosettes & Flower Conchos w/ bit, Vintage Bridle Set w/Reins & Copper Mouth Bit, Cinch, Headstall Floral Tooled, Basket Stamped Headstall & Bit, Beaded Breast Collar, Headstall & Bit, Set of Wood Hames, Hobbles, Bit & Blinder Set, Collar, Harness Set, Headstall w/ Bit, Bits, Pair of Spurs w/Straps, Silver Bit w/Concho & Rollers, Spade Mouth Bit, Pair of Leather Stirrups, Pair of Tapadaro Stirrups, Spade Bit w/ Copper Riveted Rein, Pair Spurs w/ Silver Inlays, Silver Engraved Bit, US Calvary Bits, Spade Mouth Bit, Bridle Rein Set, Pair of Spurs w/Silver Buttons & Scroll.

Crates and Boxes
2 Wooden Explosive boxes, Teachers Wood Whiskey Crate, Gray Plastic Box, Light Fixture, Small Wooden Box, Old Lunch Box, Military Mess Kits & Hish Explosives Box

Silver Coins
Dollars, Fifty Cent Pieces & Quarters

Furs and Hides
000_0226.jpg (181063 bytes)
Wolf Pelt & Buffalo Hide

Posters, Art & Magazines

Posters (Stetson & Others), Vintage Magazine & Books, Window Pane Picture, Peg Leg Pete Picture on Burlap, Bull Durham Picture, Bannock County Poster, California Grand Canyon Book by John L Stoddards, Assini Going Hunting Picture on Wood, Mountain Man Plaque, Custards Last Stand Plaque, Wood Plaque of Horse & Dog, Gate City Pocatello Metal Plaque, Book of Money Receipts, Picture American Falls, Box of City & County Maps, Picture of American Falls, Desk Plaque, Framed Barbed Wire Display, 3 Cowboy Pictures in Frames, Road Atlas, Early Idaho Book & More!




Great Selection!

New and Used Items

Too Much to List!

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Bill Vickers has decided to share his many years of collecting with the people of S.E. Idaho and beyond. From rare saddles, western and Indian collectables to firearms and selected new and used items. This is sure to be a great event for either the serious collector or casual bidder. Join us for an auction that will not soon be forgotten!!   Click here to Join for E-mail Updates!

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