SOLD!!! Warm Up Community & Auto

  • Live On-Site Auction:
    Sat, Feb 9th 2008, 11:00 AM
  • Inspection:
    Fri, Feb 8th 2008, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • 1399 Bench Rd
    PocatelloIdaho  83201
  • SOLD!!! Building Materials, Gun, Coin Collection, Vehicles. Conducted at the Holiday Inn. Lumber sold by picture display. Thanks to all who made this a great auction. A fun day and great items.


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  • 1990 Toyota Pickup, 5spd, 4x4, White
  • 1987 Jeep Wagoneer, Auto, 4x4, Blue
  • 1980 Subaru, Manual, 4x4, Red, Very Low Miles

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Antique White Crib ● Dresser w/Mirror ● Queen Size Bed w/ Frame ● Dining Room Table

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Silver Dollars ● Peace Dollars ● 1848 Large Cent ● 1847 Large Cent ● Wheat Pennies ● Kennedy Half Dollars ● Ike Dollars ● Collectible MS/BU Sets ● Joseph Barr $1 Note ● Ancient Coin ● Buffalo Nickels ● (3) Gemstones ● Silver Certificate ● (6) Indian Head Cents ● (4) Old Barber Dimes ● (4) Old Mercury Dimes ● (9) Collector Cards ● (6) Steel War Cents ● (6) Steel War Cents P-D-S ● Wheat Cents ● (8) Brilliant Uncirculated Lincoln Cents ● (20) Old Jefferson Nickels - 6 Uncirculated ● (4) "v" or Victory Nickels ● (8) Uncirculated Roosevelt Dimes ● (6) Uncirculated Washington Quarters ● Standing Liberty Quarter ● Walking Liberty Half Dollar ● Proof Kennedy Half Dollar ● Silver Uncirculated Kennedy Half Dollar ● Old Eisenhower Dollar ● Old Type Coins ● Mexican Silver Dollar ● 24k First Day Commemorative Stamp ● Old Barber Half Dollar ● (4) Old Proof Coins ● Old Barber Quarter ● Old Silver Dollar ● (8) Foreign Coins ● (2) Michigan State Quarters ● Gold Plated Statehood Quarter

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Chain Necklaces ● Watches

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12ga Shotgun Semi-Auto Modified

Building Material / Tools
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Lumber ● Antique Saw ● As-Is Rotary Tool

Building Materials to be sold by video display. They will remain at 3400 S 5th. Pictures will be shown when they are sold at the Holiday Inn.


(3) Denim Jackets ● Small "e" Levi ● Big "E" Levi ● Denim Vest ● Box of Belt Buckles

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Antique Eastman Kodak No 2 Folding Autographic Brownie ● Mail Box ● Box of Ceramics ● (4) Boxes of VHS Tapes ● Old Shaving Items ● Walking Sticks ● Old Kraft Cheese Box ● Wall Clock ● Cordless Phone w/ Answering Machine ● (2) Boxes of Tire Cables ● Cross Stitched Picture ● Bassinet ● Infant Swing


Seating On-Site


Get some great items by being the high bidder. Yes even in the winter there are great items that need to find the right person to put them to use. Is that you?

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These are guidelines only, times may vary.

Thanks to all those who attended!

Preview 10:00 - 11:00  
11:00 Building Materials, Furniture    
  Coins, Jewelry, Gun    

  • All purchases to be paid in full before leaving the premises. Payment may be made by cash, check, Visa, and MasterCard. 3% administrative fee charged on each sale, 3% discounted for cash and check payments.
  • 5% Buyers Premium on items over $2,501 and 10% on items under $2,500.
  • The sale is "AS IS" and "Where IS" and without warranty of any nature whatsoever. Purchasers are deemed to have conducted their own inspection and should NOT rely on descriptive information provided or statements made.
  • As soon as you are declared the winning bidder you are responsible for the item purchased. Guard against theft or damage as you will have to pay for these items in full.
  • A $50 administrative fee will apply to all titled Items (in and out of state). $8 discount for auto dealers.
  • Purchases to be removed as soon as auction is finished. Items left after the will be charged storage.
  • Purchaser will pay all legal state sales tax, unless exemption requirements are met.
  • Purchaser grants a security interest in purchased items. For any reason payment is not made in full, Prime Time has the right to repossess items, even from the driveway if necessary. Towing and storage will be charged to purchaser.
  • If payment is not honored for any reason (including but not limited to N.S.F., stop payment order, or the like) purchaser agrees to pay $25 return fee.
  • If action is necessary to enforce the terms of this agreement, purchaser agrees to pay attorney fees and costs associated with collection or action.
  • Collusion will not be tolerated. In accordance with the Sherman Act it is unlawful to agree not to bid against another buyer, punishable by fines and prison.

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