SOLD!!! Vintage Clothing - Denim, Workwear, Advertising

  • Live On-Site Auction:
    Sat, Nov 7th 2009, 11:00 AM
  • 300 E. Green St
    Pasadena Center
    PasadenaCalifornia  91101
  • SOLD!!! Rare 1920's to 1970's - Jeans, Jackets, Boots, Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Advertising, Access, Vintage LEVIS, LEE, WRANGLER, Osh Kosh & MORE set for auction in PASADENA CALIFORNIA. Day before the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

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Already for November 7, 2009 are Jerky Tag Levis, World War II Levi Jeans, First Edition Levi Jackets, Boots, Shoes, 1920's to 1950's Jackets, Western, Sports, Military, Advertising and So Much More. The items will be fabulous. THIS ONE WILL BE THE BEST EVER!!! The auction will be conducted on the lower level of the Pasadena Convention Center.

Please check back for full auction details. Updated Regularly!


Partial Inventory Of Over 300 Lots So Far

Vintage Denim
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First Edition Levi jacket, silver buckle back with single pocket (no tag)
WWII Levi 501 V-less jerky tag jeans, 31x30
Levi 501 jerky tag jeans, 32x32
Levi 501 jerky tag jeans, 30x30
Levi 501 jerky tag jeans, 31x32 Lee Riders, Union Made, Sanforized jeans, 31x32
Levi 501 jerky tag jeans, repaired legs, 31x32
Levi 501 jerky tag jeans, 30x30, some repairs
Levi 501 Big E red line jeans, Double XX, 30x28
Levi 501 Big E red line jeans, Double XX, 31x28
Levi 501 Big E red line jeans, Double XX, 30x28
Levi 501 Big E red line jeans, Double XX, 30x28
Levi 501 Big E red line jeans, Double XX, 30x29, repaired leg
Levi XX Big E Jeans, 32x31, Dark Blue, SS, Red Line
Levi XX Big E Jeans, 32x31, Dark Blue, SS, Red Line
505 Big E
Foremost Jerky Tag Jeans with Doughnut Hole Buttons, Crotch Rivet
Wrangler Blue Bell Jeans
Jackets including Wards 101, Levi Big E, Lee
Vintage denim coveralls
Big Mack Sanforized Work Shirt
Lee Jacket and Vest
Levi Jacket and Vest
Small e SS Levi Jacket
Small e SS Levi Jacket
Small e SS Levi Jacket, Dark Color
Lee 301 J Sanforized Jacket
Sanforized Lee Union Made Jacket
Foremost Denim Jacket
Foremost Lined Jacket, Pleated
Foremost Lined Jacket, Pleated
Flying "R" Denim Jacket
Foremost Jacket with Patches
Levi Jacket Small e
Levi Jacket Small e, Dark Color
Montgomery Ward 101 Denim Jacket with Chin Strap
Levi Big E Red Line Jean ,SS, 35x30
Levi ss Small e Red Line 501
Levi ss small e Red Line 501
505, ss, Jean, Repaired Knee
505, ss, Jean, Repaired Knee
Levi Paper Tag XX, Big E, 33x32
Wrangler Blue Bell Jean

Even More Quality Items

Levi 505 Big E Pant Tag Size 31x32
Levi 501 Single Stitch Tag 36x34 Dark Blue
Levi 501 Big E Dark Blue Nig Tag 31x31
Vintage Café Racer Leather Jacket Med Size Grey
Vintage Café Racer Leather Jacket Med Size Green
Vintage Varsity Wool School Jacket Purple 52 46"
1970's Zig Zag Black Light Poster New Old Stock General Custard
1970's Black Light Poster Original New Old Stock
Vintage Lee Cowboy Advertisment Easel Back 1950's
1940's Leather Patch XX 501 31x31 Measured Sold AS IS
Penny's Foremost Measures 31x32 Dark Gripper Zipper
Levi 501 Redline Measures 36x30
Levi 840 Big E XX Jacket Size 40 White Rare
Excelled Leather Bike Jacket 44 Reg Black
Vintage Leather JKT Fringes Med Size
Levi 505 Big E Pant Tag Size 36x32 Nice
Levi 501 Single Stitch Nice Color Measure 37 x 29 1/2
Lott 701's XX 33x33 Tag 1991 Early Japan Repro Dark
Levi 501 s-Type Big E Tag 31x34 Nice
Levi One Pocket Repro Early 1990's Measures 34x33 Dark
1930's Crown Overall's Display Sign Old
Radio Vest Dead Stock 1960's US Airforce Type E1
Levi 501 Redline Dark Tag Size 28x38 Nice
Levi 646 Bell Bottom Dark Blue Wash Tag 29x28
Dead Stock Bell Bottom 583 Waist 28 Length 29 NOS
Levi 501 Redline Med Color #6 Top Button Tag 34X33
Levi 501 Redline Dark #1 Tag 30x31
Levi 501 Single Stitch Tag 35x38 Nice Jean
Levi 501 Reproduction Measures 34x31 Sold As Is
Levi 501 Red Line Med Color Tag Size 33x31
Levi 501 Red Line Dark #6 Top Button Tag Size 28x31
Levi Bell Bottom Measures 35x33 Dark
Leavi 684 Bell Bottom Tag 28x34 One Wash
Levi 646 Bell Bottom Tag 28x30 One Wash
Levi 501 Red Line #6 Top Button Tag Size 30x32 Dark
Wrangler Blue Bell Display Every Day is Blue Bell Day
Levi 646 Bell Bottom Tag Size 28x31 #8 Top Button
20 Each Vintage Levi's Go Rodeo Stickers NOS
Vintage School Jacket Leather and Wool Med. Size Green
Vintage School Jacket Leather and Wool Size 38
Osh Kosh Overalls Dark Nice 36 Waist x 33 Length
Vintage 1930's Crown Advertisement Sign 15x11
Headlights Vintage Ad Sign 1930's Nice Measures 23x21
Vintage Car Hartt Easel Back Sign Measures 23x21
Levi 517 Single Stitch Measures 36x31 Nice
Levi 501 Single Stitch Dark Blue Measures 27x30
Levi 501 Red Line Med Hige Tag Size 35x33
Crown Shrunk Ad Sign 1930's 15x10

militarty Jacket.JPG (24713 bytes) IMG_0007.JPG (32684 bytes) 021.JPG 024.JPG 022.JPG IMG_0006.JPG (79800 bytes)

WWII Leather Flight Jacket
Canvas and Leather Travel Bag with Hangers
Navy Pea Coat with Detachable Chin Strap
3-Ladies Military Skirts and Jacket
Leather Army Purse
US Marked Canvas Bag
Wool Coat with Patches
3- Ladies Dress Shirts, One with Chin Strap
3 Military Ladies Knit Vests
Military Leather Purse
Collection of Ladies Military Caps
Navy Uniform with Pants and Shirt
Military Coat, Pants, Jackets
Military Flight Mittens
Type A Military Jump Suit, Talon Zipper, Size 38, Tear Drop Zipper Pull
Navy Department Rubberized Rain Coat with Chin Strap, Size 46
Type N-38 Flight Jacket, Scoville Zipper
Military Winter Parka with Crown Zippers
Green Korean War Flight Jacket

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Buddy Lee doll composition w/ all Lee sanforized clothes
Buddy Lee doll composition
Levi Knickerbockers doll red hair 10" #1 cond. w/ box
Levi Knickerbockers doll yellow hair 16" #1 cond.
Levi Knickerbockers doll red hair 16" #1 cond.
Levi Knickerbockers doll yellow hair 16"
Levi Knickerbockers doll yellow hair 10" #1 cond.
Levi Knickerbockers doll red hair 10" #1 cond. w/ box
Levi Knickerbockers doll red hair 10" #1 cond. w/ box
Levi Knickerbockers doll yellow hair 10" #1 cond. w/ box
Levi Knickerbockers doll yellow hair 10" #1 cond.
Levi Knickerbockers doll Red Hair 10" #1 cond. w/ box
Lee Bear Plush Doll Great Condition
Buddy Lee Doll T Shirt, #1 Condition
Buddy Lee Cowboy Doll
Levi Knickerbockers doll red hair 10". w/ box
Levi Knickerbockers doll red hair 10". w/ box
Buddy Lee Bobber Head Doll, Great Condition
Levi Knickerbockers Doll Red Hair 16". w/ box
2 Levi Knickerbockers Red & Yellow Hair 10". w/ boxes
Levi Knickerbockers Doll Red Hair 10". w/ box
Buddy Lee Composition Engineer Doll w/ Hat, Long L buttons, & House Tag Doll
Buddy Lee Composition Engineer Doll w/, Cap, Long L buttons, & House Tag Doll has Broken Leg
10'' & 16'' Levi Knickerbockers Doll no boxes

Must have vintage - variety and quality

1970’s down jacket with faux fur hood
1930’s white military pants, US Army zinc buttons
1920’s Lee khaki children’s coveralls, great label
Deadstock early LL Bean canvas bag
Deadstock rare two-tone sweater with pockets
1930’s NNW lace-back work pants, good size/condition
Deadstock 1930’s half-zip two-tone sweater
1970’s Lee Stormrider wool liner jacket
1950’s Alaska single-V sweatshirt, unusual design
Levi’s 501 E A-patch pants, full redline
Deadstock 1920’s work shirt
1930’s cartoon print work jacket, very unusual
1970’s deadstock Red Wing Irish Setter boots, good size
1930’s wool fraternity jacket, great patch
Levi’s 501 small e single stitch pants, great color/size
Deadstock 1930’s sweater, great pocket
1950’s leather jacket, US Navy Medics painting on back
Levi’s 501 small e single stitch pants, good hege/contrast, slight damage
1930’s deadstock two-tone half-zip sweater
Rare 1960’s Wilson pullover sweatshirt, half-zip, USA
Deadstock 1920’s or earlier work shirt, removable collar
1930’s deadstock sweater, great pocket
1960’s Lee Lot 101LJ jacket, R no MR, good size/condition
Deadstock 1960’s Levi’s E Lot 606 pants, with redline, extremely rare,
1920’s Spalding shawl collar athletic sweater, great unusual color
Deadstock 1940’s leather/wool jacket, great design
Levi’s 501XX pants, leather patch, destroyed look, great size, great for design
1960’s reversible cotton trench coat, Pop Art pattern lining
1940’s Velva-Sheen camp tee shirt, flocked print
Deadstock sweater, interesting pocket/design
Deadstock Big Yank flannel shirt, interesting pockets
Interesting 1950’s/1960’s hooded two-tone sweatshirt, interesting effect, good for design
1960’s Boy Scouts of America tee shirt, good design
1930’s deadstock sweater, interesting pocket and design
1930’s rare chinstrap corduroy jacket, Hookless zipper with rivets
1930’s King-O-Fur horsehair jacket, unusual design, good condition
1940’s military tee shirt, great design
1960’s Lee work pants, great damage/repair, good for design
Deadstock 1930’s half-zip sweater, great color
1910-1920’s two-tone chinstrap sweater, with label, great hard to find piece
1930’s Boss work pants, cloth label, good condition, great size
1930’s Boss cloth label bib overalls, mint condition, label perfect, great size
1950’s Japan souvenir tour jacket, deadstock condition, excellent design
Deadstock 1940’s flannel work shirt, rare design, perfect condition with flasher
Rare 1930’s moleskin jacket, with cloth cinch, some damage
1940’s Sweet Orr work pants, good for design
Deadstock 1930’s half-zip sweater, good color
Deadstock 1940’s hotrod tee shirt, crazy design, good size
1910-1920’s deadstock two piece cutaway suit, great for collectors, extremely rare
1930’s A1 style leather jacket, good condition
Deadstock 1930’s two-tone cardigan, good size
Deadstock 1910-1920’s work shirt, mother of pearl buttons, original price tag
1940’s Carter’s work pants, crazy damage/repairs, great for design
Extremely rare 1920’s shawl collar athletic sweater, unusual design/pattern
Deadstock 1940’s Montgomery Ward’s Pioneer work pants, great pocket design
Deadstock 1910-1920’s cotton work shirt, great size, interesting design
Deadstock 1950’s Hercules work pants, great fade/damage
1930’s horsehide Atlas brand motorcycle jacket, great design, black/white blanket lining
1930’s shawl collar athletic sweater, felt patch, good condition
Deadstock 1970’s Levi’s 517 pants, black bar tack, original flashers
Extremely rare wool knit fraternity jacket, great patch
1950’s children’s zippered sweatshirt
Deadstock condition 1950’s hooded benchwarmer jacket
Deadstock 1930’s two-tone sweater with pocket
1960’s Levi’s Slimfits E pants, one wash
Deadstock 1930’s half-zip sweater, some damage to zipper
Levi’s 501 small e single stitch pants
1970’s Levi’s E jacket, custom hippy pattern
1930’s Utica brand charcoal cardigan sweater
1930’s deadstock cotton sweatshirt
1930’s benchwarmer coat, blanket lining, hard to find
Rare 1920’s football jersey, early label inside, rare design
Deadstock Hercules shop coat
Interesting design hunting jacket, very unusual
1930’s Carter’s work pants, unusual zippered coin pocket
1930’s work set, jacket/pants, interesting repair/color
1930’s shawl collar cardigan sweater
Deadstock US Army herringbone pants
1936 wool two-tone jacket, great design
1930’s crew neck sweater, great colors
1970’s denim pants, crazy repair and design
1970’s Levi’s safari denim coat
1950’s Abercrombie & Fitch corduroy jacket
1960’s White Stag canvas ski jacket, great colors, hard to find
1930's Crown Overall's Display Sign Measures 14 1/2" x 10 1/2"
NOS Giant Levis 5015xx with Rivets 1950's Display Pant
1960 Radio Vest U.S. Airforce NOS Type E1
Vintage Kids Sailor Suit 1940's 1950's Wool Size 6-8

Hunting / Outdoor Wear

Canvas Hunting Vest, Talon Zipper
Vintage Forest Service Jacket
Woolrich Red/Black Checkered Hunting Jacket, Ideal Gold Zipper
Deluxe Storm Proof Jacket and AVID Outdoor Hunting Jack
York Plaid Sportsman Jacket, Talon Zipper
Bob Allen Hunting Vest
Western Field Outdoor Set
Plaid Penny's Gusseted Sportsman Shirt
Shooting Vest
Sheep Lined Beaver Fur Collar Sportsman Coat, 1920's Era

Specialty Items
IMG_0002.JPG (35242 bytes) 023.JPG 027.JPG 025.JPG 026.JPG IMG_0477.JPG (65459 bytes) IMG_0476.JPG (77843 bytes) IMG_1787.JPG (59365 bytes)

Vintage Sanforized Hudson Mechanic Coveralls, Master Brand
Coy Clay Vintage Jockey Silk
Japan Embroidered Jacket
1960 Florida Football Letterman Jacket
1962 FFA Coat
Levi Strauss 1940's DeLuxe Polished Wool Shirt with Mother of Pearl Buttons
Levi's Snap Jacket with Mother of Pearl Snaps
Big E Levi's Snap Shirt
His and Hers Levi Big E Tan Denim Jackets
Indian Motorcycle stripped vest
Red Wing and other leather boots
Hunting Coats
Vintage 1940's Forest Service Shirt
Lee Posters
Levi Salesman Tin
Hudson Service Garage Coveralls
Vintage Underclothes
Harley Davidson T-Shirt, XL, #1
Lee Red Bandana
H-C Western Shirt with Pearl Snaps, #1
Oshkosh B'Gosh Porcelain Sigh
Levi Hoodie
Collector Levi Serving Tray
Big E Levi School Binder
Vintage Lee Advertisement Pages
Idaho State College Letterman Jacket - Pocatello, Idaho
Jr. High Letterman Jacket - Pocatello, Idaho
Vintage Horse Haired Ladies Jacket
Marlboro Jacket
Boy Scout Jacket

Canadian Deadstock

Levi Dead Stock Bell Bottom with Flashers
Two Pairs Bib Overalls
Levi Big E Jacket
Sanforized Work Shirt, Dead Stock
Vintage Forsyth Shirt, Dead Stock
5 - Work Shirts
3 - Work Shirts
2 - Work Pants
4 - Shirts
3 - Dress Shirts, 1 - Hawaiian Shirt
9 - Polo Shirts
1 Lot of Dead Stock Underclothes
GWG and Lee Work Denim Jeans
2 - Denim Work Coats
8 - Denim Jeans


Gowest.jpg (47981 bytes) JACKET.jpg (46844 bytes) Jeansboot.jpg (47894 bytes) jeansnoname.jpg (49643 bytes)

Refreshments served

Great selection coming in!

Auction Notes

Clothing with personality and history. This is the best place for Vintage Clothing enthusiasts. People come from Japan and around the world to bid on a wide selection of clothing and other items from the 1940's to the 1970's. If you want quality Vintage clothing this event is for you!

Time Frame

We will have exciting items from the beginning to the end of this auction. Quality Vintage clothing including Red Line Double XX Jeans throughout!

Auction start: 2009-11-07 10:00:00 GMT-07:00






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