SOLD! Pet Supply Business - Complete

  • Live On-Site Auction:
    Wed, Nov 30th 2011, 10:00 AM
  • Inspection:
    Wed, Nov 30th 2011, 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
  • 1954 N Yellowstone Hwy.
    Idaho FallsIdaho  83401
  • SOLD! Brand New Pet Supplies, Forklift, Snowmobile, Cages, Tanks, Selection of Display Cases, Decor, Props, Sport Items, Appliances, Tools, Bins, Tubs, Office Items, Scrap Metal, Variety & So Much More!



Complete listings and pictures will be posted as inventoried.
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Cages / Accessories

  • Reptile Cages
  • Bird Cages
  • Large Metal Bird Cage
  • Cages for Guinea Pigs
  • Critter Keeper Cages
  • Wheels
  • Bird Cups
  • Bird Books
  • Bird Supplies
  • Bird Toys
  • Bird Feeders
  • Walnut Shell Bedding
  • Variety of Bedding
  • Basking
  • Guinea Pig Bedding

Aquarium / Accessories

  • Rolling Glass Tanks
  • Brown Rolling Metal Display Case for Tanks
  • Large Aquariums
  • Oak Bases for Fish Aquariums
  • All Glass Aquarium
  • Variety of Glass Fish Bowls
  • Feeder Tubes
  • Replacement Parts for Fish Tanks
  • Fish Aquarium Accessories
  • Screen Covers for Gallon Tanks
  • Light Bulbs for Tanks
  • All Glass Aquarium
  • Glass Fish Bowls
  • Hoods For Aquariums
  • Filtration Systems
  • Bio Bag Disposable Filters
  • Variety of Aquarium Rocks
  • Variety of Aquarium Decorations
  • Cleaning Supplies for Aquariums
  • Oak Bases for Fish Aquariums
  • Glass Filters
  • Aquarium Divide
  • Reptile Rocks
  • Spot Lamps
  • Aquarium Parts
  • Allied Floating Tank De-Icers
  • Drain Plug De-Icers
  • Fish Food
  • Fish Books
  • Fish Background Paper
  • Rocks
  • Discarda Stone

Displays / Showcases / Shelving

  • Adjustable Shelving - Really Nice
  • Plastic Display for Seeds
  • Large Plastic Animal Holder Displays
  • Brown Rolling Metal Display Case for Tanks
  • Wooden Displays
  • Wooden Shelving
  • Metal Displays
  • Glass Showcases
  • Glass Display Cases

Variety / Scrap Metal

  • Tires
  • Adjustable Shelving - Really Nice
  • Wooden Shelving
  • Adjustable Metal Shelving, Green & Red
  • Shelving
  • Wooden Shelving
  • Wheels

Animal - Toys / Treats / Variety

  • Variety of Animal Food
  • Guinea Pig Food Mix
  • Calf Electrolyte Packs
  • Dog Treat Sticks
  • Cat Treats
  • Pet Treats
  • Natural Dog Chew Treats
  • Raw Hide
  • Variety of Animal Toys
  • Cat Toys
  • Dog Whistles
  • Chew Toys
  • Vests for Variety of Animals
  • Variety of Leashes & Collars
  • Cat & Dog Books
  • Lap Box
  • Animal Shampoos
  • Variety of Animal Scents - Pet Odor Stay Away
  • Grooming Tools


  • Basketball Hoop w/stand
  • Exercise Bicycle
  • Snow Sled
  • Variety of Balls
  • Tandem Bicycle
  • Skis


  • Estate Small Freezer
  • Brand New 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater - Still in the box!


  • Craftsman 6.5 Lawn Mower
  • Shovels
  • Rakes
  • Green Wheel Barrel
  • Metal Ladder
  • Shop Vacs


  • 1997 Polaris Snomobile Indysport, VIN:3156613


  • 1960 International Pickup Truck, VIN: SB104339A
  • 1951 Chevy Stake, Rack Pickup Truck, VIN: 3JSL1265
  • 1977 Cadillac Seville, 4 Door, VIN:6S69R7Q493898


  • Toyota Forklift - fly wheel is out
  • Ultra Pallet Jack

Bins / Tubs / Feeders

  • Variety of Large Plastic Tubs
  • Plastic Display for Seeds
  • Plastic Trays
  • Plastic Containers
  • Pet Feeders
  • Scoopers
  • Metal Feed Bowls
  • Calf Nipples
  • Calf Milk Bottle Holder
  • Water & Food Dishes

Office Items

  • Paper Cutter
  • Lanier Model LD106 Copier & Fax, Fax Combo
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Light Bulbs

Decor / Props

  • Antlers
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Large Black Rod Iron Cat Decor
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Bird Nests

Seating will be available

Great selection

Auction Notes

Prime Time is honored to be chosen by the seller to offer these items for your bidding pleasure. Thank you to all of those who recognize us as your number one auction resource.

Time Frame

Approximate times items will be auctioned will be posted here the week of the auction.

These are guidelines only, times may vary!

Auction start: 2011-11-30 10:00:00 GMT-06:00

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  • All purchases to be paid in full before leaving the premises. Payment may be made by cash, check, Visa, and MasterCard. Every sale will be charged a 3% administrative fee. However, for cash and check payments the 3% will be discounted.
  • 5% Buyer's Premium on items over $2,501 and 10% on items $2,500 and under. Added to all purchases ($10 bid price + $1.00 buyer's premium = $11.00 at cash register. $3,000 bid price + $150 buyer's premium = $3,150 at cash register).
  • [Green Light] Green Light Guarantee will be posted on vehicles as it applies to. The Green Light Guarantee is placed on certain vehicles by the seller, allowing you to inspect the vehicle after purchase for undisclosed Major Mechanical damage. This does NOT cover any visible or minor damage. Item must be paid in full before leaving the premises. This guarantee is valid until the end of auction only. Buyer is responsible for any damage caused after purchase.
  • The sale is "AS IS" and "Where IS" and without warranty of any nature whatsoever. Purchasers are deemed to have conducted their own inspection and should NOT rely on descriptive information provided or statements made.
  • As soon as you are declared the winning bidder you are responsible for the item purchased. Guard against theft or damage as you will have to pay for these items in full.
  • A $14 title fee and a $65 documentation fee is paid by the buyer on all titled items. Dealer documentation fee is $30.
  • Remove purchases as soon as possible. Make arrangements with staff if to be left past auction day. Items left over 7 days will be charged storage. Generally, if the auction is off-site, you will have the day of auction and the day after to load out your items. You must make arrangements for pickup if items are to be left longer than this period.
  • Forklift Fee of $5 to $10 for each pick or loaded item. Please pay driver at time of loading. For large quantities, ask for loading rates.
  • Purchaser will pay all legal state sales tax, unless exemption requirements are met.
  • Purchaser grants a security interest in purchased items. For any reason payment is not made in full, Prime Time has the right to repossess items, even from the driveway if necessary. Towing and storage will be charged to purchaser.
  • If payment is not honored for any reason (including but not limited to N.S.F., stop payment order, etc.) purchaser agrees to pay $25 return fee.
  • If action is necessary to enforce the terms of this agreement, purchaser agrees to pay attorney fees and costs associated with collection or action.
  • Collusion will not be tolerated. In accordance with the Sherman Act it is unlawful to agree not to bid against another buyer, punishable by fines and prison.

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