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  • Pre-qualifying Consignments Daily. Is it a good fit? Sometimes its a great fit for auction and sometimes it is not a good fit. We do not take lower value consignments, where there is a limited amount of items. It must be valuable or with a large group of valuable items in order to be accepted. Our team is working daily to try and create win-win solutions. We do turn down consignments that are not a fit for us. Sold on Any Day You Choose! Get the Items to Someone Who Needs Them and YOU GET THE MONEY! We Keep a Small Portion and Give You the Rest. FREE CONSULTATION. We are Waiting by the Phone for Your Call! Call at (208) 232-4912 or Email [email protected] to Talk to a Coordinator Today. Minimum Value of Items Required. Our Coordinators are Here to Help Pre-Qualify Consignments and See if They are a Good Fit for Auction. We Do Business Liquidations, Full Estates, and Everything in Between!

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