Buying Info

First Time Buyers' Guide

Prime Time's online auctions are as easy as click, bid, win! Read this guide to better understand the registration and bidding process.

How To Register

  • At the top right of the homepage, click �Online Login�. If you�re on mobile device, you�ll need to click the blue icon with 3 horizontal lines first.
  • In the middle of the page, click the gray �New Bidder? Click Here� button.
  • Follow the steps as they are given. After completion, click on the Prime Time logo at the top of the page.
  • Go to the auction you are interested in. In the middle of the page, click the gray �Register to Bid� button. If you are on a mobile device, you�ll need to click the black arrow pointing down at the top of the page first.
  • Select or add your payment method. It�s required to have a credit card on file to register, but you will have the option to pay cash or check up to two business days following the auction.
  • Read and then confirm you have read the Terms and Conditions, then click the blue �Submit Registration� button.

How To Bid

  • While you�re browsing the auction, you will see what prices the items are currently at below the photos (ex. 40.00 USD)
  • If you�re interested in bidding on an item, you�ll see the next bid increment in the blue button below the current bid price. Click the blue button - don�t worry, you will confirm your bid a second time before it�s submitted.
  • If you�d be willing to pay higher than the next bid increment, click the blue �+� button next to the bid price, or manually type it in. If not, simply press the blue �Confirm Bid� button below the bid price. NOTE: Placing a bid higher than the next increment, referred to as a �max bid,� doesn�t automatically move the high bid to that amount. Instead, the computer will bid in the normal auction increments on your behalf up to your max bid amount, making it so you don�t have to continuously watch the item / place bids.
  • To check on all your bids in one location, click the green �Bids� button at the top right of the page. If you�re on a mobile device, you�ll need to click the 3 gray horizontal lines at the top of the page first.
  • Please note item locations in the description section of each lot. The address listed will be where you need to go to pick up your item(s) after the auction has ended.


    We invite and encourage you to inspect auction items before you bid. Offsite auctions will have a scheduled preview time the day before the auction closes. Community auction items can be previewed during our normal business hours. Check lot descriptions for location details.


    Pay for your items at the pick up location listed in the lot description / auction detail section of the auction page. You will also receive an invoice when the auction closes that has pick up times and location information. We accept cash, check or wire transfer. We also accept debit and credit cards with a 3% processing fee. You will need to have a "paid in full" receipt before you are able to leave the auction premise with your items.

Terms & Conditions

All buyers agree to these terms when registering for an auction

  • 5% buyers premium on each item $2,501 and over. 10% buyers premium on each item $2,500 and under. Added to all purchases ($10 bid price + $1.00 bp = $11.00 at cash register, $3,000 bid price + $150 bp = $3,150)
  • All purchases to be paid in full before leaving the premises. Payment may be made by cash or check. Debit and Credit Cards accepted with a 3% Convenience Fee. Any unpaid amounts will incur interest. Your credit card used for online registration is not automatically charged, unless payment is not received within 2 days.
  • The sale is "AS IS" and "Where IS" and without warranty of any nature whatsoever. Purchasers are deemed to have conducted their own inspection and should NOT rely on descriptive information provided or statements made. By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them.
  • Any dispute with items or prices will only be arbitrated within 2 business days following the auction. No changes to auction invoice regarding item or price will be made on auction day.
  • As soon as you are declared the winning bidder you are responsible for the item purchased. Guard against theft or damage as you will have to pay for these items in full.
  • All titled items will incur a $14 title fee and a $75 document fee for a total of $89. Auto dealers will be charged $40.
  • Loading is the responsibility of the buyer. Make arrangements with staff if items are to be left past auction day. Items left over seven days will be considered abandoned property and no longer belong to buyer. Buyer will incur any cost of disposal.
  • Purchaser will pay all legal state sales tax, unless exemption requirements are met.
  • Purchaser grants a security interest in purchased items. If, for any reason, payment is not made in full, Prime Time has the right to repossess items, even from private property.
  • Prime Time Auctions reserves the right to bid on behalf of our sellers and absentee bidders. The vast majority of items are sold to the highest bidder. Through our frequent seller program and special cases, some items have soft reserves. Our best effort is used to create a fair market for our buyers and sellers.
  • If payment is not honored for any reason (including but not limited to N.S.F., stop payment order, or the like) purchaser agrees to pay a return fee.
  • Gun buyers must pass a federal background check. Gun buyers that do not pass a federal background check, will be charged a $50 re-sale fee.
  • If action is necessary to enforce the terms of this agreement, purchaser agrees to pay attorney fees and costs associated with collection or action. All buyer contracts will be subject to the Bannock County legal jurisdiction and the laws in the State of Idaho.
  • Collusion will not be tolerated. In accordance with the Sherman Act, it is unlawful to agree not to bid against another buyer, punishable by fines and imprisonment.