A special thanks to anyone who recommends our services.
Your trust and support is what makes our community great.

March 3rd 2015

We just wanted to thank you for your work on the auction of items left in our tanning salon rental space. We appreciate your patience while we waited for legalities on this and for your work in the two auctions that took place. Overall, it was a good outcome and experience working with you and your company! We are grateful to have recouped lost rent. Have a good weekend!

Carl & Ruby Holm
Vista View, LLC
September 19th 2014

I wanted to thank you gentlemen for the outstanding auction you were able to provide. As it turned out, our event was the second most financially successful Region BBQ since 1995 second only to 2007 when Glenn Beck came to town.

It is beyond dispute that a very large part of our success that night is because you made the auction entertaining and fun. I was told time and time again that night and afterwards that the BBQ and auction was the best one that people had ever attended in Region VII. Thank you so much for helping us and for meeting with me in advance to discuss strategy.

Bryan D. Smith
Chairman, Region VII
April 30th 2013

I recommend Prime Time Auctions every chance I get. The people there are wonderful to work with.

Susie Tubbs
April 24th 2013

Prime Time Auctions is a class operation. They care about the seller and the buyer. Highly recommend.

David Miranda
April 10th 2013

Prime Time Auctions is a wonderful company that does so much for their community. They were recognized by the Greater Pocatello Chamber of Commerce as the 2011 Member of The Year. They provide auction services to the Chamber for our annual February Fantasy event and the Leadership Pocatello Presents event. They are awesome to work with and are great chamber and community supporters.

Matt Hunter
April 10th 2013

Prime Time Auctions has been around for so long, and do so much for the community. If you haven’t been to auction, you need to go check them out. I love that they are so passionate in everything they do!!

Tara Tankink
April 9th 2013

Love working with Prime Time! They do a lot to help out our community.

Matt Davenport
April 9th 2013

I think they provide a great service. I trust them. Tanner Hernandez is a good individual.

Michael Johnston
April 5th 2013

Upon visiting Prime Time Auctions, I was immediately struck by the professional atmosphere and welcoming attitude by everyone in the office. You get the impression right away that the whole group works collectively to provide a great experience for both the sellers and buyers who take part in their auctions.

David Sojka
Rock & Dirt Magazine
April 5th 2013

Love Love Love Prime Time! They are very giving to the community we live in as well as very professional and fun!

Deetra Tsakrios
April 5th 2013

A rare difference in an auction company these days in honesty. It’s nice to deal with an auction company with ethics. I drive from Ogden anytime I can to attend. I always leave happy.

W. B. Taylor
April 4th 2013

Experienced auction professionals who do a great job and have consistently for a long time.

John Young
April 4th 2013

I particularly like the professionalism of the auctions. I have made some really good buys at their estate auctions.

Arlen Walker
April 4th 2013

Very professional auction; been there many times and have made purchases and they are very fair and have great employees.

Kathy Lisle
April 4th 2013

Great place to sell... Faster and way more fun than Ebay!!!

Jim Fenton
April 4th 2013

Very professional company to work with, knowledgeable along with great customer service.

Jim Rykhus
April 4th 2013

I recommend Prime Time Auctions as a strong, professional, community minded business.

Brett Crompton
November 16th 2012

Tanner, Drew & Prime Time Crew,

We are grateful for coming to our auction rescue! Folks had a great time, and everyone was thrilled with Drew. As I said on the phone, he has a few more banquet invites!!

We'll be in touch. Again, Thank You!!

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
August 3rd 2011

Dear Mr. Hernandez:

Congratulations on receiving the 2011 Idaho State Journal Business and Achievement Award! You should be very proud of this special recognition.

You are a shining example of a dedicated and civic minded business owner. Thank you for representing the city of Pocatello in such a positive manner. I join the community, your friends, family and the award sponsors in applauding your hard work on this momentous occasion. Best wishes for continued success in all your future endeavors.

Brian C. Blad
Mayor of Pocatello
August 3rd 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to tell you of our experience with Prime Time Auctions.

In the early summer our family contacted Prime Time Auctions to see about selling our farm machinery. They promptly came and visited us. At this time they told us they could also auction the home. They gave us all of the options available to do this.

They left us with pictures, recommendations, and other information about their company. The pictures were from other auctions they held.

They called often to check on us. They didn't pressure us, only helped us make our decision. Our family decided to let them sell the farm machinery as well as our home and our farm ground.

The people from Prime Time Auctions were most helpful. They guided us step by step to get ready for the auctions. (Name Removed), one of the auctioneers came out and evaluated our situation. He found things that we didn't think were worth auctioning. He gave us help in getting the machinery in the right place to sell it.

(Name Removed) helped us know that to do to get the house ready to auction. She arranged for open houses to be held. She was always close to the telephone whenever we had a question. Some of our children live out of town. She would always take their calls and very willingly answered their questions. Communication was always open with her.

All of the employees of Prime Time Auctions helped us prepare for the auction. Whenever we would go into their office, they would greet us like we were long time friends. They made us feel comfortable and welcome.

In the weeks before the auction, Prime Time send out flyers to anyone they thought would be interested in the auction.

The week of the auction was hectic. And, Prime Time was there to walk us through everything. Phone calls, personal visits, and e-mails were made.

The morning of the auction came. The day was hectic, but Prime Time took over. They greeted people and made them feel welcome. They made us feel like this was an important day for us. They reassured us, ask if we agreed to changes that had to be made, and were there for moral support. One of the employees was always close to the family to help in any way. They took their time in selling the house and the farm.

When the auction was over, they had taken care of all of the paper work. They made sure everything was cleaned up. But most important, they made sure we were happy with what had gone on. They guided us through all of the legal stuff.

Even after the auction was over, they called when there were questions concerning closings. They were always there. They were always courteous and kind. They went with us to the land and home closings. They were there to answer any questions.

Because of the professionalism of Prime Time, the advertising brought many people to the auction. We would recommend using Prime Time Auctions. You will go away feeling like you have made a life long friend.

Thank you Prime Time Auctions!

Larry and Mary Beth Armstrong
Jenice and Tim Denny
Alyson and Rob Brown
Thank You

To Whom It May Concern:

Dear Prime Time Auctions Staff, Thank you for the services you provided to help make our annual event a success. You and your staff are a pleasure to work with.

I also appreciated how quickly you sent out our check as well as the reports you included.

When we establish who from our school will be leading the event next year we will contact you.

Thanks again for your part in our event!

Valued Customer

To Whom It May Concern:

Just wanted you to know, I can never thank you enough for saving me from my burden. I love all of you and would do anything for every single one of you! It's a pleasure to work with you all!

Much Love and Appreciation!

Valued Customer

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for being the Auctioneer for our 9th annual auction! We really appreciate you donating your time & equipment for out fundraiser. You in auctioneer mode is crazy cool!

Thanks so much!

Valued Customer

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you very much for generously donating your time for our 9th Annual Tour de Vins fundraising event. You should know that you helped us raise over $12,000 in profit for the day's events! All proceeds from the morning bike tour and evening wine tasting will go very far in helping us meet our mission and assisting families in our community.

It is so wonderful to have such great community support for out work. We are so grateful! know that you share the accolades of our 2010 Tour de Vins success!

Thank you so much to you and your team! They were super to work with. Your generosity to FSA is so appreciated.

Valued Customer
July 9, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

On June 6, 2009 I employed Prime Time Auctions to liquidate my deceased husband's property. He had 60 plus years of accumulation from being a building contractor as well as a farmer.

I want to thank the people who served me in this endeavor. While at times it was emotional to see everything being sold, I appreciated the great people at Prime Time who showed concern, compassion, caring, and especially professionalism. I enjoyed getting to know the various people from the company, especially (Name Removed) and (Name Removed), who spent many hours at the house organizing the auction. I now count them as friends.

Thanks again for all that you did to help carry the burdensome task.


Meredith Rowe
April 27, 2009

Dear Prime Time,

I just wanted to thank you for standing by your "Green Light" guarantee agreement. I have enjoyed going to Prime Time's auctions and have been doing so for 10 years. I recently bought a SUV with a Green Light sticker. There were some unknown and unforeseen engine problems within a couple of hours. From the time I contacted you and the time the problem got fixed only took a couple of days. I appreciate your time and honesty in dealing with the damaged part.

Thank you for standing by your guarantee. I will continue to support Prime Time Auctions and refer others.

Linette Chavis
April 14, 2009

Dear Prime Time Auctions,

I thought you would like to know my viewpoints, as I was quite happy with the sale. I thought everything went along like clock work. I know this is not much to say that I am happy, but I do want to thank everybody that took part in the sale.

The hard work putting the sale together. A lot of people take everything for granted, the Ad's, pictures and everything you did! Nothing was missed.

So I will say it again THANK YOU!!!

Louis Ely
Blackfoot, Idaho
August 11, 2008

Dear Prime Time,

We recently had occasion to use "Prime Time Auction(s)" to auction off our fathers' estate. We can't thank them enough for all they did for us. Our mother and father's estate was a 24 acre ranch that had been in the family for about 100 years. There was the house, a barn, an old log cabin, a shop, and two granaries full of things collected for all those years. Prime Time came in a few days before the actual sale and spent those days sorting and organizing everything. They were thoughtful and courteous to us at all times. We can't thank them enough for their part in making it much easier for us to dispose of a lifetime of paraphernalia and memories. Thanks to them they made the task so much easier and took a lot of stress off of us in doing so.

Jerry & Harry Jeppsen and Verna Sarnecki
Soda Springs, Idaho
July 23, 2008

Dear Prime Time Staff:

This is just a short note to say "thank you" for your able assistance, by conducting your recent auction of my property. Your professionalism and expertise really helped to make an otherwise difficult situation very easy for me. I would strongly recommend your services to anyone who needs a truly great auctioneer.

Paul J. Gagliardi
March 10, 2008

Dear Prime Time,

On behalf of the Building Contractors Association of South East Idaho and its 2008 Auction Committee, we wanted to take a moment and say thank you for your expertise and enormous amounts of help during our 7th Annual Auction.

(Name Removed), (Name Removed), (Name Removed), and the other ladies from your company were very professional, courteous, and patient. We truly appreciate your participation in our event and we look forward to working with you again in the future. We learned a lot this year and hope to have an even more successful event next year.

We are proud to have you on board as members of our Association. Thank you again for your participation in our event.

With Kind and Sincere Thanks,
Randi Thomson
Executive Officer - BCASEI
January 22, 2008

Dear (Name Removed),

Thank you and the wonderful Prime Time Team for an outstanding job done at our 24th Annual Holy Rosary Wine Tasting and Auction!

We appreciate your support of the school.

See you next year!

Joanne Malmo
June 21, 2007

I cannot help but be amazed at how smoothly everything went. Your preparation was outstanding and all events were met on schedule. Thanks to your efforts, everything was sold and that spared us a lot of expense and aggravation in not having to get rid of any equipment by alternate means.

You are entirely welcome to share this testimonial with others and, should anyone ever ask for a recommendation, please send him to us.

With Many Thanks
The Barbecue Pit & Thai Kitchen
January 20, 2006

Dear (Name Removed),

I understand you may be considering using the services of Prime Time Auctions to liquidate an estate you are responsible for. Prime Time asked that I drop you a short note regarding my experience with auctions of both real and personal property.

I am pleased to do so. I am a Bankruptcy Trustee and I have used Prime Time to market both real and personal property numerous times over the last six years. Prime Time is professional, ethical, and honest and I recommend their services without reservation. They have sold over $2 million worth of property for me.

I have become a true believer in the auction process. We consistently liquidate property expeditiously and receive market prices using Prime Time's services. We have sold a variety of items from airplanes and artwork to vehicles and even a seed warehouse.

In addition, we have marketed several parcels of real property and were very pleased with the results. We received market value and completed the entire transaction in 30 days. Many times these properties had been listed with conventional realtors for a year or more with no results.

If you need to market property quickly and with confidence that you will receive a fair price, I highly recommend the auction process. Prime Time is a dependable company that has earned my trust.

R. Sam Hopkins, Trustee
January 3, 2006

Dear (Name Removed):

It is my pleasure to write this letter to recommend Prime Time Auctions.

May I say that Prime Time Auctions has been handling sales of real property for me in both Chapter 7 as well as Chapter 13 [bankruptcy] cases. They have been the Auction Company of choice in this area for years. They are a professional, organized, and well equipped company. Recently I had them auction a piece of real property that I owned personally. My experience with Prime Time has always been good. I think we each have an idea of what property is worth. They always seem to come close to or exceed my expectations. This of course, is a most gratifying result. I was at one time very skeptical of auctioning real property for fear of the results. I can tell you the advertising is well planned, thought out, and contained within the agreed budget. Realtors are involved, including their own. They maintain an extensive mailing list as well as the complete use of the internet. The years have proven to me if you want to liquidate property in a reasonable amount of time with a satisfactory result, this is the way to go. In the past two or three months, I have sold at auction three rental properties that brought more than the debtor valued them at. I have also sold through a realtor another rental property that brought considerably less than the value. There are plenty of investors out there that are willing to set up and pay. They come from all over. As you know, Pocatello is now considered as one of the places to purchase real estate and people sure seem to be doing just that.

(Name Removed), if your clients want a quick closure at a fair and reasonable cost, I urge you to visit with Prime Time and get the full story. Both you and your clients will be glad you did. Thanks for taking the time to consider my recommendation.

L.D. Fitzgerald, Trustee
December 30, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

Our first experience with Prime Time Auctions was after my brother's death in December of 2004. We contacted Prime Time Auctions to help with liquidating his estate.

Prime Time Auctions' services allowed us to sell the household items, a car, a camp trailer, and the house, all in one day. It was extremely reassuring to know that we had final approval on whether to accept or reject the bid for the house. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of bidders and the final amount we accepted for my brother's house. We felt the cost for their services were fair and reasonable, especially for the amount of work they provide to make the auction profitable and successful.

Our second experience with the auction process was with the estate's commercial property. We had listed the commercial property with a local real estate company which produced little, if any, attention. Since our first experience with Prime Time Auctions had proven to be successful, we contacted them to help us sell this property. Their advertising and promotion techniques were very impressive and effective. Again we were pleasantly surprised by the number of bidders and we were able to get an amount that we deemed acceptable.

Because of their honest and ethical practices, I strongly recommend the services of Prime Time Auctions. I would be happy to answer any questions people may have concerning these experiences with Prime Time Auctions. Feel free to call me at (number removed).

Nancy Mikesell
April 29, 2003

Dear (Name Removed):

I wanted to Thank You and Prime Time Auctions' staff for your hard work and support in presenting and selling property consigned to the sale by the Eastern Idaho Community Reuse Organization. A special thanks needs to go to Juan for his assistance in coordinating the retrieval of property from the INEEL, and handling the property at the auction site. I also want to recognize the auctioneers for their work on presenting and selling the property we consigned.

I am looking forward to planning our next sale with you. Thanks Again to all of you!!!!!

Niles Hanson
February 4, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to share with others, the Bank of Idaho's recommendation of Prime Time Auctions of Pocatello. It has been our privilege as a Bank to have been associated with Prime Time Auctions for many years, both as customers of the Bank and as a resource to assist in liquidation of Bank assets.

Prime Time Auctions has handled sales for the Bank of Idaho for at least 5 years [as of 2003.] They have been conservative and honest in their estimates and have usually been very close to their appraisal. Presentation at the sales has been excellent due to thorough cleanup and preparation of sale items. Through the resources and contacts they have, they have been very effective in promotion and advertising, resulting in good crowds at the sales.

Tanner Hernandez has been our primary contact and has been excellent to work with. Prime Time Auctions has done a good job for us. If you would like, feel free to contact me at (number removed).

Gordon Harker
Bank of Idaho
November 15, 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

We recently had Prime Time Auctions conduct the sale of our business. I chose Prime Time Auctions because I had the opportunity to observe your professionalism at other auctions.

I had mixed emotions and had made a decision not to attend the sale. Tanner mentioned that some business owners choose not to attend, but suggested that if I wanted to attend, he was sure I would have a good time. At the last minute, I changed my mind and it was no doubt one of the best days I have had in years. The advice and guidance that Prime Time gave us was invaluable and helped maximize returns on our assets.

Again, thank you for helping us liquidate our business assets. The experience was very rewarding, and allowed us to begin a new path in our lives. Dianne and I wanted to thank you and your staff for a job well done.

Tim Field
Owner of Discovery Foods, Inc.
September 9, 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

I am Trustee for the United States Bankruptcy Court for Southeastern Idaho. This letter is to provide a recommendation regarding the auction company, Prime Time Auctions. As Trustee for the past thirty years (30), I have sold thousands of items of property from Bankruptcy estates. In the past, I had employed several companies to conduct auction sales. For the last five (5) years, I have exclusively used the services of Prime Time Auctions. Prime Time has conducted numerous auctions for me. Prime Time has the ability to sell all types of property including business, personal, and real estate property.

Prime Time will provide you with the best advertising for the dollar spent. They will use a well thought out advertising campaign that creates the best market for the merchandise to be sold. The sale merchandise will be displayed in a professional manner to ensure the best possible price. If repairs are needed, they have the personnel to get the merchandise ready and operational at a very reasonable price. This is a progressive company that fully utilizes the Internet for advertising and accepting bids on the sale merchandise. They are always ready to answer questions and to assist the seller and buyer. The years of experience has provided them with a mailing list of buyers for all types of merchandise and property.

I recommend this company to anyone who is interested in having merchandise sold in an honest and professional way at the least cost with the best possible results.

L.D. Fitzgerald, Trustee
September 25, 2001

Dear (Name Removed):

Linda and I would like to commend you and your staff on the excellent job you did on our recent auction. We were impressed with all the preparation you did, as well as the cleanup after.

One of the things a person who decides to go with an auction usually questions is whether or not the people conducting the auction will get top prices, and if they are honest. We would like you, as well as others; to know that we felt you were able to get the best possible price on most of the items. We also found you to be unquestionably honest in our business dealings.

Again, our thanks for a job well done!

Sincerely yours,
Gary D. Greer
January 16, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

I have worked with Prime Time Auctions Inc. a number of years and in conjunction with a number of auctions. In particular I have worked with Juan Hernandez of Prime Time Auctions Inc. I have represented the Trustee and have worked with Prime Time Auctions on a number of Bankruptcy auctions on both personal property and real property.

I have found Prime Time Auctions Inc. to do a professional and competent job and they have maximized the money for creditors on the bankruptcy estate auctions.

Very truly yours,
Jim Spinner
August 12, 1998

Dear (Name Removed),

The members of the Pocatello Art Center wish to thank you for being the auctioneer at our annual Open-Air Art Fair. We sincerely appreciate you giving you time and talent and supporting the local artists' community.

Your positive attitude and enthusiasm were once again a valuable addition to the occasion. In fact, some visitors have remarked that they considered the auction the "highlight" of the Fair.

Ella Rast
Pocatello Art Center